U.S. Citizenship Interview 2020 version 6 N400 | Based on Actual Applicant Experience

This US citizenship interview is based on official USCIS materials and experience from ACTUAL applicants who attended the US Naturalization Interview.

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We created this video based on official USCIS materials and experience from ACTUAL applicants who attended the US Naturalization Interview.
This will give you an understanding of what to expect from a naturalization interview.
However, every interview is unique and your upcoming interview might not be the same from this video.
In this scenario, the female applicant arrives early at the USCIS Office and is greeted by the USCIS security guard.
Once she passed through security, she proceeds to the USCIS customer service counter.
The interview appointment is confirmed by the USCIS customer service representative and she waits until she is called for the naturalization interview for U.S. citizenship.
For the 2nd portion of the interview, the applicant portion is left blank to give you an opportunity to practice the interview.
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39 thoughts on “U.S. Citizenship Interview 2020 version 6 N400 | Based on Actual Applicant Experience

  1. i have been living in a room in a house paying the rent in cash to my landlord. It is not an apartment. Nor do i own the house. How to answer "Is it a house or an apartment?"

  2. Hello! So I already sent in my application and my interview date is set. For the question where it asked about what society you were a part of, I wrote that I was part of the National Junior Honor Society. The problem is that the part where it says "Purpose of the Group", my sentence explaining that I was in the group for community service for my middle school was cut off. Is this a big issue, and do I need to show proof that I was part of the society? Do I just need to explain that it was cut off and explain about the group? I'm sorry for asking a lot, I'm just extremely anxious right now especially as an Asian during this time.

  3. Hello All. I had my interview for April but got canceled due the pandemic I’m waiting for next appointment, I hope i can receive before USCIS office open.

  4. when the officer ask" and what is your present citizenship ? in this video , the answer is " Korean ". is this correct? I think it is Korea.

  5. Is that a problem if you don’t have a copy of your birth certificate with you during a naturalizations interview?

  6. Hi, Can you help me, please? I applied for the citizenship test and I was fingerprinting in January .I clicked on the file and told me to wait for 9 months but my green card in November 2020 expires , so do I need to apply for a new green card or wait for the interview to finish before I can apply for a new green card … and if there is another case, if my green card expire but they still haven't asked for an interview, will I be deported to Vietnam? is not? while waiting for the interview.? Do I need to apply for a new green card?
    Thank you

  7. Thank you for the video.
    This is the first video of this nature that I come across where the officer asks for a birth certificate.
    Would it be a big issue If it's not translated and notarized?
    My interview is this coming Wednesday, and I didn't know I had to present my birth certificate, and a notarized one at that.
    Mine is from Mexico and of course is in Spanish. Yikes.

  8. I got interview notification for 28 April. Starting studies and preparation of documents. What do I need to take along, along with GC, DL, and interview letter. Is birth certificate a must bring? Kindly advise. Thanks

  9. I got a dui and spend 24 hrs in jail this was in 1999 21 years ago, I was 18 years old does this hurt my chances on becoming a US citizen ?

  10. I received medicaid and continuing that. Is this create any problem during interview and citizenship?
    I think this doesn't effect any problem those who already have green card under new law.

  11. So her greencard is expired and she can still live legally in the United States? I thought she must renew her greencard otherwise she becomes illegal.

  12. I passed the test this Wednesday thank you so much! This video helped me a lot! But I still have a question that how do I changed my name legally? I forgot to change my name in the n-400 application. So I thought I could tell the officer right there at while interview. An official didn’t ask me to If you would like to change the name or maybe idk.. I didn’t listen when he said. So again how would I legally change my name now ? Can I change it on Oath ceremony? Please reply.. thanks!

  13. I have interview again for next month, i’m fail fist interviews 😔 in N400 yes/no question He ask me what mean too much, i’m pass history, read/write , information about you. help me answer meaning from part 12, please 🙏🏻. Thanks you so much ❤️

  14. I did my biometrics on 12/9/2019 and I have not heated anything yet. How long does it usually takes to reply to me for interview?

  15. Thank you very much i pass my interview this morning March 4th at 8:45 am i want to thank you for the video it did help and it was easy and smooth even tho i was nervous he calm me down he was amazing and i go through it in 15 mins wish everyone luck and its not as hard as it seems on here

  16. Thanks for help me with this videos thanks for all, yesterday I took my test and I passed it. Thanks again.!!

  17. In my n-400 part 12 question 22 and 23 said if i was arrested or detained, my answer was no, but I have two transit tickets for speeding. What can i do in this situation?

  18. I don’t file my tax this year and my interview is coming next week is there a problem ? I know the last date is. April 15

  19. I’m still trying to finish filling up my application,and already getting nervous by just watching this🥺

  20. Complete Mock Interview playlist:

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