TP-Link Wireless Powerline Setup Tutorial Video

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In this short video, we’ll show you how to setup and configure your wired + Wi-Fi Powerline kit. Our Powerline adapters use existing electrical wiring to extend your home network, enabling you to create a fast
Internet connection in any room with an outlet.

• TL-WPA4530 KIT
• TL-WPA4220 KIT
• TL-WPA4226 KIT

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45 thoughts on “TP-Link Wireless Powerline Setup Tutorial Video

  1. I’ve recently bought one of these and set it up and connected the Ethernet from the adapter into my Xbox upstairs but the I get less download speed when using the wired connection and my latency is worse

  2. Biggest pile of dogshit ever. Works then doesn’t then works then doesn’t. Just ordered a 50m cat6 for my summer house instead.

  3. Explanation of installation is good, however will not connect without a mystical code known as a Gateway reference (on my Panasonic anyway). No clue whatsoever where I find this code/number as every time I go thru TV settings it blocks/locks up awaiting the gateway address/number, then clearly sttes message CANNOT CONNECT!! This I have wasted hours faffing about with. Does anyone out there know where I can find this data.

  4. I have paired my TP Link adapter to the smaller unit and it looks like it is working fine, all the lights on the smaller unit are lit , but when I remove the adapter to take to another room the Powerline Connection light goes out on the smaller unit as well as on the adapter, so I cannot connect to the internet.

  5. Instead of 1, I pressed both buttons for two seconds and it worked fine. Tried with three seconds and it also works. Regards.

  6. I plugged the adapter and the extender to a power strip. The 3 leds that the adapter has turned on and on the extender the POWER LED and the POWERLINE LED turned on, but not the WiFi LED. I tried to pair them and it didn't work. What do I do?

  7. is there any way i can set up my extender without the router? the routers located in a locked room which i don't have access to, is it still possible for me to set it up outside the room? someone help! 🙁

  8. I am wanting to connect my house WiFi to my summerhouse. The power to my summerhouse runs from my house power supply, through a fuse box in my garage then into a second fuse box in my summer house, will this device work for me?

  9. Thanks this video was so helpful, I tried to connect it using my router password but I realised it had it’s own one after a while found out. It’s working without me pressing my wps button on my router so idk. Very good connection.

  10. I’ve had the extenders set up for a while, and my friend gave me another tp link extender and said it would work if I plug it into my PS4. The extender he gave me was a receiver one and I can’t get it to work. Is there any way I can get the receiver to plug into my PS4 and carry the signal from my router

  11. I've seen a lot of these DIY plug in your wifi extenders press and hold button and lets look at that green light flashing or solid they might look paired , 80% of the time they give a false connection the wireless signal shows good but yet you still can't connect my experience goes deeper its all about the router not the extenders as many routers can close gateways to your extender by default and a little networking experience can configure your router to talk and open a connections to it. Feels like it sucks as you are looking at a 30-100% box with green flashy lights doing fk all none of these videos tell you jack about router configuration but then again that would be different for every router i guess.

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