Ten Three Labs – All Kill Collection Review

I’ve been wanting to try out Ten Three Labs for a long time. I’ve heard wonders about Cara’s Salve Sticks, which are her versions of lip balms. And I am addicted to lip balm, so it’s been really calling me. Cara mentioned on /r/IMAM that she was putting out a new collection in July and was looking for a couple of bloggers to review and share the collection. I offered up my swatching services, and Cara graciously sent me this collection for review.

The theme of this collection is K-pop. I’ve never gotten into K-Pop, but I do love me some J-pop. So, this was my chance to not only try out some exciting makeup, but also get to know a new music genre. So, today’s post is going to have a lot of photos as well as some info on the songs and bands. Exciting times!

The All Kill Collection is broken up into three area: eye shadows, scents, and sheens with a bonus salve stick! It releases today! Here is a link to check it out on the site. Also, Ten Three Labs announced on the Facebook page that they are offering a 10% off all shop purchases in honor of the landmark decision that came down last week with the code LOVEWINS until July 4th.

But now, let’s get to the swatches!

Note: All eyeshadows are swatched over Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the left and NYX white base on the right. Also, each of the sample baggies don’t look super full, but trust me! Cara is very generous with sample sizes, which is so nice! I’d say she gives about as much as Shiro samples, which is pretty ample.



El Dorado: This color is a lovely warm gold that applies beautifully. Cara described this as a rich gold with green sheen. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t see the green sheen over either base. Still, This is a really lovely color. It’s inspired by a song called El Dorado by EXO. This song is pretty alright! I could definitely see it on the radio in the US… if it were in English.

Girls Girls Girls: This is described as a golden green. To me, this is a sage-green with a hint of yellow with golden sparkles. I don’t know how I thought I would feel about this color, but I really like it a lot! One thing to call out here, you can see in the baggie that there’s quite a bit of unmixed pigment. I didn’t find that it affected application, but I know some people can be particular about that. This color is inspired by Girls Girls Girls by GOT7. I don’t love the song, but I do love the dancing in this video!

Sniper: I am normally terrified of these kinds of colors. But this one is a wow. It’s a deep forest-jungle green hybrid with golden shimmers. It has a black base, which you know I don’t really like, but I still love this one! The title for this eyeshadow is from Sniper by Shinhwa, which I enjoyed. I like the whistling in the background. I could dance to this. I like that.

Fantastic Baby: This is one of my favorites from this collection. It’s a medium peach with an icy blue sheen. It’s a nice, but still interesting neutral. The color is inspired by Fantastic Baby from Bigbang. Unfortunately I didn’t like this song, and I especially thought the video was sort of silly. But to each their own!

Breathe: Cara described this as a “bright orange with crimson sparks.” What I see is similar, but slightly different. To me, the base looks like a soft pumpkin-y orange matte with a ton of hot pink sparkles. And when I say a ton, I mean a TON. I mean, seriously, look at it in the baggie! You can see all the insane sparkles even in the baggie! Over the GG, the sparkles explode, but even over just the white base, you don’t lose a lot of those, which is nice. This color is inspired by Breathe from miss A. I definitely think I could do this dance, so there’s that.

Red Light: This is a brick red with golden sparks. A lot of golden sparkles. I don’t have much red in my collection, so this is a welcome addition! The gold sparkle explosion makes this color even more exciting to me. The sad part is that I just couldn’t get the gold sparkles to photograph in my swatches… I promise it was there – a lot of it! It’s based on the song Red Light by f(x). I like this song to. Again, I think it’d fit in pretty well on US radio…

Dream Girl: This is one of my favorites of this collection. It’s tiffany blue with blue sparkles. It applies very buttery and smooth, which I love. It’s from the song Dream Girl by SHINee. Not in love with the song, but I appreciate the fashion sense in the video!

Poison: This is a violet with dark blue sheen. It’s a very pretty color, although the formula is a bit thinner than the other ones though. The blue sheen was really tough to photograph, but it was very strong in person! This color is from Poison by Secret, which is a pretty catchy song.

Run Devil Run: This is another favorites from the collection for me. It’s a flat black with a golden sheen to it. I’m very excited to see if the golden sheen stays put when I use this as an eyeliner. It’s from the song Run Devil Run by SNSD. I am simply amazed at how many people are in that band together… There’s like 15 girls in it!


Ice Cream Cake: Cara describes this scent as “vanilla, chocolate, honey, with a cherry on top, plus a spicy cake base.” It’s named after a Red Velvet song called, surprise, Ice Cream Cake! I love ice cream cake, so I was pretty damn excited for this scent. In the jar, it smells like maraschino cherries. But when I applies it,


it smelled like red tootsie pops. I love tootsie pops, but this really threw me off. After a few minutes, the “red” smell starts to fade away, thank goodness. It leaves a bit of a calmer cherry scent. I faintly smell the vanilla and honey in the background, but the cherry takes center stage. As it fades down, about an hour or so after application, the cherry is still the strongest note, but then a sly chocolate joins the party, which is a nice combo.

Thunder: This scent is described as “soggy grass in a rainstorm, electrified air, honeysuckle.” It’s based on the song, Thunder by EXO. This is really the first watery, grassy scent I’ve tried. I thought I wouldn’t love that kind of a scent, given that I normally go for gourmand (FOOD! Sweets! Yummies!) scents. But, I found this scent very mysterious and intriguing. That said, I have no idea what electrified air even means, but I’m wondering if that means soap. In the bottle, this scent did smell a bit soapy to me, but in a “fresh and clean in the shower” sort of way. The minute I apply it, though, the soapiness disappears, and that’s when I smell the rainstorm and fresh-cut grass. The honeysuckle is sort of a background smell for me, at least at first. As it dries down, the honeysuckle comes out more and more, but the rain and grass definitely takes the front seat here. I was surprised with just how much I loved this!

Bloom: This is a fresh, floral scent, described as “bouquets of frangipani, baby’s breath, honeysuckle and wisteria, with fresh peaches and grassy hints.” I can’t specifically smell each of these notes, but I’m not that good with pulling these out when there are this many. But what I can say is that I am in love with this scent. It’s so spring-y and floral, but not in an old lady way. This is going to become one of my everyday scents for sure. It was inspired by the song Bloom by Ga In.


Call Me Baby: This is described as a coral pink, but to me, it’s more on the orange end of coral. Still, a very pretty color! It’s from the song Call Me Baby by EXO. I don’t love this song, but I do appreciate their dance moves!

Goodbye Baby: This is described as a black cherry with violet sparks. In the container, I see the sparkles, but they are lost when this is applied. On my lips, this definitely is a dark cherry – almost black on me. On someone brave or someone who often wears dark colors, this would be a great fit. Just a note, though, this did start feathering on me almost immediately upon application. I do generally have trouble with feathering, so take that for what it’s worth, but this was a pretty immediate featherage on me. It’s inspired by Goodbye Baby from miss A, def not my favorite song. The color seems a bit intense for this song, but that’s just me. 🙂

One thing I will call out about the sheens is that while they both apply pretty smoothly, like a gloss, they are pretty slick. I found that Goodbye Baby had a longer wear time since it did stain a bit. The other thing to note is that these had a pretty strong plastic-y smell. It either faded or I got used to it after a while, but it was especially strong to me when I first opened the clamshell.

The salve stick for this collection is Hani Hani because Hani is Cora’s favorite EXID member. It’s honey peach flavored, but the honey is synthetic, meaning that this balm is vegan safe. It’s really interesting to me because it smells so much like a real honey – very impressive! This balm is super moisturizing moisturizing. I’m going to have to do a lip balm competition to see whose is the best, but I think this one will be right up there.

Also included was a sample of the GWP for June, based on EXO’s Love Me Right. It has a bright purple-pink matte base with gold sheen. The formula on this one is a bit thin, but I still really like it. I don’t have any colors similar to this, so I’m always excited to get something unique to my collection!!

Overall, I really love this collection. My favorites are the Sniper, Fantastic Baby, Dream Girls, and Run Devil Run from the eyeshadows and Thunder and Bloom from the scents. This collection is going to get a lot of use and a lot of love from me for sure! Here is the link on the site to it, if you want to check it out. This was my first time trying Ten Three Labs, and I am definitely impressed! Soon, I’ll have another Ten Three Labs post to share with reviews and swatches of some things I purchased.

*Press Samples. All opinions are absolutely my own*


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