Why Strangers on the Internet are Wonderful – a Femme Fatale Love Story

So, I am a terrible person for this post taking so long to do. A month ago, there was a post on Reddit about Femme Fatale, and I commented that I’d never tried them out before. So, the wonderful and lovely u/miraclesystem sent me out a few FF samples to try, including one of her faves, The Masquerade! Seriously, that was so nice of her to send me samples of some of her stuff. I couldn’t believe her generosity!

First of all, look at the note she sent. WITH A TACOSAURUS! I’m not sure how she knew I love dinosaurs, but I laughed so hard when I opened the envelope.

Kristen sent me five colors to try out: Faerie Fire, The Masquerade, Sour Suckerpop, The Nightmare, and Spectral Fragments.

First, spoiler alert – these are all amazing. Femme Fatale is known for their knockout duochromes, and these certainly did not disappoint.

Note: all swatches use Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the left and NYX white base on the right.

Faerie Fire

This color has been on my “OMG I WANT THIS” list for a long time. And when Kristen sent it, I couldn’t have been any happier. Until I tried it. And then I was INCREDIBLY happy. This color is the soft, lovely, romantic, feminine color that I hoped and dreamed of. It’s a soft lavendar-pink with an intense gold shift.

The Masquerade

This color is amazing. No wonder Kristen loves it so much. It’s a soft gray with a strong pink shift to it when used over glitter glue especially, but it even shows up over regular primer. Love this one!!


Sour Suckerpop

I’m normally not a huge fan of yellows. They tend to look terrible on me, so I steer clear of them. So, I was expecting this to be another yellow that would, in the end, not get much use because I look horrid in yellow. But, I was wrong. This is yellow, yes, but over a stickier base, it transforms into a frosty white-blue color. Stunning!


The Nightmare

This color is intense. Just looking at the pic on the website, I knew it’d be something special. It’s also been on my want-list for a long time, even though I know I’m not gutsy enough to wear this one often. It’s a badass dark purple with an INSANE green shift to it. Don’t mind the weird spot in the pictures. That was me messing up with GG (which I do often, unfortunately). The pictures really don’t show how amazing that green in. Really. I wish they did, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.


Spectral Fragments

This one is intense. I mean, just look at it. In the baggie, it’s a dark purple-brown color, and you get a hint that there’s something blue going on behind the scenes. But then, POW. BAM. WHOOPAH! Turquoise in your face. What a transformation! Just look at it over bare skin vs with GG. It’s a completely different color!


So, since receiving this kind care package, I have made my very first FF purchase! It shipped out on Feb 8th, so hopefully it’ll be here soon and I can share my colors with you guys! u/miraclesystem is my hero. And such an enabler. I definitely picked up larger sizes of Faerie Fire and The Masquerade. These ones will get lots and lots of use and love.

Thanks again to Kristen for being so amazing!!

Are there any FF colors you think I need to add to my next order (already planning the second one, even though I just placed the first one! ha!!)


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