My Pretty Zombie – You are so pretty!

So, I have a few different MPZ samples to share. Some of these I received in the amazing indie gift exchange. And others, I picked up for myself when buying for my own exchange partner (yes, I know, cheating! But I just had to pick up a couple of things I’d been dying to try…I mean, IW as already paying shipping, ya know? Why not pick up just a couple of things…. haha)

So, I had to swatch these up. Honestly, I love that I do these swatches and keep this blog up, because I reference it all the time! Onto the swatches! This time, something slightly different. Nars Smudge Proof Primer on the Left and Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the right.

Here’s what I have to share with you today:

Brisket (purchased by me) – Holy shit. This color is amazing. I need a full size of this. For Realz. It has a dark coral base with an insane burnt gold that comes out over primer. It’s amazing. Want it on my face all the time. Seriously. Words cannot describe the things I feel for this color.

Hoof and Mouth (from IMAM exchange partner) – This color is a nice purple. It’s an orchid pink/purple with a subtle flash of silver. It’s nice. Not sure how much I’ll wear it. Honestly it doesn’t jump out at me, but I am sure one day I’ll wake up and this will be the color I jut *have* to wear that day. That’s how it always happens.

Disquiet – (from IMAM exchange partner) – This color is like Rabies from MPZ, but with a greener base. The blue really comes out over GG or primer.

Anthrax – (purchased by me) – No wonder this is a favorite. The hype is real. Beautiful dark magenta color with an insane green shift that comes out over GG. Even with nothing, it’s a beautiful base “radiant orchid” color with subtle sparkle. But over GG, holy shit. It comes to life. Lovely!


Soooooo pretty.

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