President Trump Executive Order suspends issuance of Green Card for 60 days | limiting immigration

President Donald Trump just signed an executive order on Wednesday April 22nd to suspend issuing green cards for 60 days.
We are going to let you know who will be affected by this order and who won’t.
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President Donald Trump just signed an executive order on Wednesday April 22nd to suspend issuing green cards. The executive order will go into effect on April 23rd right before midnight Eastern Standard Time and it will last for 60 days. The order is mainly to impose restrictions on people outside the U.S. applying for lawful permanent residency here, either through family ties or employment.
Link to the complete Executive Order:

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44 thoughts on “President Trump Executive Order suspends issuance of Green Card for 60 days | limiting immigration

  1. Hi!
    I am a US citizen, I applied 2 almost 3 yeas ago for sponsoring my wife and her 15 year old at the time now she is about to be 18 in Jul 5th 2020. The Ciudad Juarez consulate claims that the USISC visa department has not jet sent the paperwork for the interview. I paid a person to help me file the paperwork I have a response that every thing is ok but I am very concerned because it is taking so long to get the interview for my wife and girl. I realize that with the COVID-19 things will delay even further.
    Can my family be at risk of not getting an interview at all?
    I had payed all the fees even 3000.00 to the person who file the papers for me.
    Please advise me on what. To do or if I need to worry or do something else.
    Stay safe and thank you kindly.
    Arturo Escalante. 5/28/2020.

  2. Hi. Can I ask a question? What about those immigrant visa holders who doesn't have yet their green card but spouse of US Citizen and first time immigrating to the US? Can they still enter the US? Cause my green card is still on process, so what I have now is only my Immigrant visa. Thank you and God Bless 🙂

  3. Hi!
    Please can you tell me. My case was approved on January 10th 2020. My all documents are submitting 30April 2020. But I'm still waiting for paper accepted or email. And how much much time required to get interview letter???
    Please tell me.

  4. Hi ,Thank you for information my question is my application for 1-485 is in process ,for permanent residency status , but im here in US, will this be affected ?, thank you and good day .

  5. Madam,

    I got my family based F3(married sons/daughter of us citizen) category immigration visa on 21st January 2020 which is going to expire on 4th july 2020
    Hence, I wanted to ask will this executive order affect my entry into USA during these 60 days.


    Looking forward for  your reply as soon as possible

  6. I am spouse of us Citizen actually i am in Algéria this affect me 😣 or no my case is at nvc now? Please i need response

  7. Thanks mam and ihve a question my question is there pple who went outside us before covid 19 and they are green card holder is this going to effect them

  8. my wife lives in usa . she has green card . she apply for us citizenship but due to covid 19 her apppiontment is now cancelled. i m now at admistrative processing . embassy give me time period of 180days which end date is may 2. my question is am i also wait for 60days new policy ? kindly ans me .thank you

  9. my wife lives in usa . she has green card . she apply for us citizenship but due to covid 19 her apppiontment is now cancelled. i m now at admistrative processing . embassy give me time period of 180days which end date is may 2. my question is am i also wait for 60days new policy ? kindly ans me .thank you

  10. Hi. I have a question.when my husband sponsered me he was not citizen..but soon after my case approval he got his citizenship. Do they consider my case as a wife of citizen?

  11. Hi,Lot of Thanks for your valuable information. I m from Bangladesh.
    I already got the F4 category Immigrant visa on month of February'20 & it have valid till july 3rd weeks 2020.
    Now my question is,can i allowed to entitled USA within my visa validity?

  12. My green card is issued but I didn't receive it.
    And I feel I-90 and I'm still waiting since May 2019 until now. So how about this case?

  13. Hello ma'am, my case is at NVC waiting to be scheduled for an appointment. My husband is a green card holder yet serving in the army. According to the executive order under the exempted (7) include the army spouses and minor children. Do you think we will be considered?

  14. I feel really sad I was going to apply visa for my mom and my sister but they didn’t make it i haven’t seeing them for 15 years 😢😢😢I really want to see them 😭😭😭

  15. Thank you for your content updates, how would the executive order affect a petition for a fiancée visa that is pending,,,, Petioner is a US citizen

  16. Hi there, if someone is outside of U.S. and waiting for I-751 interview and wants to come back to U.S. during this time. Will he be affected or not? Please let me know. Thanks.

  17. Hello maam plz help me !! I am a spouse of US CITIZEN and my CR1 interview was approved on 13th march and i'm waiting for my passport along with visa.. but the problem is when i checked my status online they still shows me "READY" Status they should change my status as "ISSUED" OR SOMETHING idk what does that mean Of this kind of problem or what should i do ?? Plz reply me THANKS 🙂

  18. Hi Madam: I am a U.S citizen, petitioned my brother oversea 14 years ago and he immigrated to America last September. However, his wife had a health condition and hold her back until she pass the final health exams, indeed she passed and ready to return to the U.S embassy. My question is; does she affected under 60 days suspension? Thank you so much for you time.

  19. Want apply for the US citizenship and I heard it's better to send the application mailed . Need please your opinion . Thanks

  20. Hello thanks for the information
    I have question my 2 daughters are us citizen but I have b1 b2 may I apply for green card behalf of my daughters after lockdown?

  21. I am confused. It seems you said I-130 applicants which are outside of the United States are not being processed. Later, you said those not affected are spouses either living in or outside the US.
    My Filipina wife has been in process for 8 months on an I-130. She is in the Philippines and I am a US citizen 6th generation.

  22. My immigrant visa expires 03 June 2020, will my immigrant visa be extended because I am currently outside US because of the border closure?

  23. My parents recently received IR5 immigrant Visa but couldn’t fly because of flight cancellation, are they affected by this 60 days ban? their visa issued on march 18 and will expire on 2nd June.

  24. That was well elaborated. Am still confused – what happen when I have a valid F4 Immigration Visa issued on 15th Feb 2020 valid till 30th July 2020, have not yet entered the US as I was supposed to do so on the 20th April but could not due to lockdown globally. Am I safe and can I travel anytime the flights resume services ? Thanks

  25. Hello madam, I have applied for green card last year July but till now I haven't received any update for I-360 itself. My question is the new order will also affect my green card process? well I'm a Hindu priest (R1) category. Please answer my question it would be very helpful. Thank you

  26. Thank you very much, my petition I-130 has been approved by uscis for over a month and I have no news from NVC

  27. Hello I'm from Bangladesh I was gone in usa 2014 November by immigration visa we have green card but don't stay there we have returned to Bangladesh June 2015 but my father is still there he is staying in Albany so apply for our l 1-30 and also payed visa fees 2 months ago but we heard that trump is suspended immigration process so our l -130 is will be destroyed …we will never go back to USA ….for your information my father will be citizen in June …so trump discussion will be affected to our process .. please let me know . thanks

  28. Hello,

    fiance applied our K1 visa since at the end of January 2020 via the Immigration Lawyer, however, we haven't gotten our case number yet, i wonder if our K1 visa is PROCESSING now because the lawyer told us that we usually get the mail for K1 Case number 3-5 weeks.
    Thank you for your advice.

  29. Thanks for the message. I have a guastion to ask of you, my sister renewed for hers green card about several weeks ago. She is waiting for the new one. How about my sister? I will appreciate the answer!💐

  30. Hello ,I am green card holder.i am outside of the United States now.i faced any trouble by immigration.i already apply for citizens.plz answer me.

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