Parasyte The Maxim – All Fights

Best fights of Parasyte The Maxim aka 寄生獣 セイの格率 Kiseiju Sei no Kakuritsu. A lot of blood, insane fights, op main character, fights for girls. Best of anime fights in 2019, top 10 parasyte fights, 19 minutes of Parasyte the maxim fights.

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Anime: Parasyte The Maxim, Also known as Kiseiju Sei no Kakuritsu


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46 thoughts on “Parasyte The Maxim – All Fights

  1. Tbh i always liked that voice editor thing with the parasites. Like when they aren't using a disguise

  2. Guys i dropped a song yesterday on soundcloud , dedicated for Kana 🥺 here’s the show sum luv

  3. 8:08 AHHH, Fuck, this still gets me depressed! Damn it. It hurts. But god damn is it a fucking powerful tense scene.

  4. This is the only anime I've seen in where the leading lady is completely stupid and useless… Murano is a complete sht character she has zero synergy with Izumi she only keeps running away crying… always talking trash about him not being the same person…she never supports him in anything he does nor tries to understand what he is going through…she is so clueless she doesnt even find out the his mother was killed…….. and the one moment he broke down and needed her… she pushed him away and ran away like an idiot.. what a complete waste…. she has no regards for anything but her own issues…. and through out the story she has no character development whatsoever and If you took her out from the story completely nothing would be impacted from the story whatsoever…. Kana was a much better character but they killed her way to early…

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