New Makeup by ONE DIRECTION Limited-Edition Beauty Collection

So, remember that last time I received a One Direction palette to review? Well, I was sure they’d never send me another one, since I talked about how I wasn’t a fan of the music (really not my cup of tea) and how mixed the review was overall. But, for some reason, I was sent more samples to review, so I was excited!

The boys of One Direction, who must love merchandizing their faces, have done it again. They’ve put out limited edition makeup palettes with each of their faces on them. I received these three dudes:

Now, the palette I got last time, I wasn’t super impressed with it. I loved the nail polish, but the other items were mostly just so-so at est. This time, I am much more impressed. The eye shadows seem to have been reformulated, which is nice. Still not super buttery, but definitely much improved. The colors this time are a lot nicer, as well. Last time, I got a lot of very dark colors in my kit that didn’t all feel like they went together. This time, there’s a nice mix of colors to make looks appropriate for daytime, as well as for going out. Definitely not slutty. Whew!

Here is what is included in this kit:


Eye Shadows:

Nobody Compares– Metallic silver. This is a nice color. I was very impressed at just how metallic and silver this is.IMG_4170
Tell Me A Lie– Metallic nude pink. I love this color. I mean, we all know that I love nude eyeshadow, which means that I’d love this color by default. But really, it’s beautiful.IMG_4171
Same Mistakes– Metallic mint. This color is right up my alley. I love mint, and this is a nice one. I wore this with Tell Me A Lie and I Would, and I got a ton of compliments from strangers!IMG_4172
I Would– Smokey brown shimmer. This color is very dark, so be warned when you use it. A very little goes a long way. The shimmer doesn’t show up well in swatches, but this was a gorgeous color with dark copper shimmers.IMG_4173
Summer Love– Smokey purple haze. At first, I thought this was mislabeled as purple, because it is that dark. The photos online make it look a lot brighter, but be warned – it is not. This is a dark, dark purple. I’m confused about the name Summer Love with such a dark color… but then again, I have no idea what the song it’s referencing is about. So who knows.IMG_4174
Everything About You– Smokey black shimmer. It was nice, but nothing out of the ordinary.IMG_4175

Eye Pencil:

I Want- They call this a “true matte black,” but I’m not so sure. I swatched it next to UD Perversion, which is MUCH darker. That said, I was impressed with the staying power of this eyeliner. It didn’t smudge all over the place and it was a pretty decent black. Nothing special, but definitely much better than expected.IMG_4184

Lip Gloss:

Loved You First– Bubble gum pink. This was a very light color. Nice, useful, wearable.
One Thing– Frosted pink ice. I’m not super into frosty lipstick. On this, this looked a bit more like MLBB (but frosty) than pink.
Irresistible– Shimmered pearl. This is a shimmery nude color. It’s nice. Nothing to write home about, but a very useful color to have in your collection.
Heart Attack– Creamy rose shine. This is a very wearable, but still noticeable color.
Over Again– Silver glitter sparkle lip gloss top coat. This lip gloss sparkle is super subtle, which makes it actually usable, which is nice. It’s a bit sticky, but not toooo bad.

Nail Polish:

Stole My Heart– Magenta pink shimmer. I like this color, and I didn’t expect to. It chipped the 3rd day of wearing, though (2 coats, no topcoat). Not too bad, but not super impressive either. I do like the color with the fuchsia sparkles in it.
Alive– Multi-colored glitter flakes. I wasn’t very impressed with this at all. I put on FOUR coats and barely had any glitter make it onto the nail. Lame. The glitter itself reminds me of OPI’s Chasing Rainbows, but crappier. IMG_4136IMG_4137

How about a look using this collection?


Overall, I thought this palette was okay. My favorite parts were the eyeshadow and the lip gloss top coat (which I’ll get a lot of use out of).

Additional details

These sets are available in stores now at:
More info on the Makeup by One Direction Facebook page

*This is a sponsored post. BrandBacker sent me these kits to review. All opinions are my own.*

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