My HONEST Thoughts On Dynasty Warriors 9!! 2 YEARS LATER!!!

YES you all showed the support that ya wanted to here it is! I’m going to go over from beginning of game’s release to now! To show the good, the bad and the changes that’s happened {in my opinion at least} for the past 2 WHOLE YEARS of Dynasty Warriors 9!!!


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32 thoughts on “My HONEST Thoughts On Dynasty Warriors 9!! 2 YEARS LATER!!!

  1. At first when I got this game I didn't like it
    But I just started playing it again and I'm enjoying it so much

  2. I like the vid! I kinda wish you'd use a script for such a longform topic so your thoughts are less scattered.

  3. They should of changed the dlc weapon specials. I would of been okay with them. But fuck the weapons just bc of that.

  4. It's too cartooned up. I dont need to summon a meteorite from outer space for my special attack. After dynasty warriors 5, it turned into a damn anime

  5. 2 years later, and he still plays with the default horse… have played DW9 for a year (directly after launch), then paused for half a year, then kept returning to it now and then (PS4Pro). It's the perfect game for listening to podcasts or news stuff or even learning a foreign language wihle playing. It's repetitive and the dialogs are not important. You can even play it without sound. And it never ends, there are so many characters to play through and weapons to experiment with. I don't regret to have bought that game. Started playing the DW series on a PS2 in 2000, btw.

  6. A tip for more consistent content (and shortening your videos/keeping viewers): write a script. I know it feels weird, but just write a script. You can say all these same things without the pauses and the ums and the "I cant think of it"s. If you really WON'T do that, just go into an edit and edit them out and choose the sentences/subjects you want and make them sound cleaner than they really were in the audio.

  7. Its a little criminal that I cant find the standalone game on the PS4 store I have to buy the very high priced versions after the game has been out for TWO YEARS

  8. They need to focus on the story more than these big new changes that they arent familiar with. Open world just doesn't fit their style, like they need to go back with how they used to make the games and maybe make it where the choices you make can change the outcome of the story.

  9. We got a fucking paint brush in dynasty warriors 8 we got a fucking yoyo who the fuck asked for a yoyo but it worked out dynasty warriors 9 just said fuck you I want more swords

  10. eternal nope from me, the BIGGEST deal breaker on any Warriors game to come for me are clones, ESPECIALLY clones that werent clones in PREVIOUS GAMES, jesus dw8 had NO clones and 100+ movesets, how did it come to this???

  11. Also, if their should be a different name for this game besides Dynasty Warriors 9, it should be called "Dynasty Warriors: World of the Three Kingdoms"…or something like that.

  12. Okay, hear me out. One of my biggest wishes is that I want Koei to stick with this format because I feel like they could push this in a heavily amazing direction. I don't want them to just go back to the usual, hack n slash it's been in 7 games (obviously not including DW6), because really, this game was a breath of fresh air with the new combat system, but if they hired a developer who knows how to make Open World games and allow Omega Force to focus on the combat, the next game with 9's systems could be something so much better.

  13. They put dwo en up on a shelf and shit all over us with dw9 wo4u and all their other half made broken bullshit

  14. Back in Dynasty Warriors 3 Nu Wa and Fu Xi made their first appearance why didn't they show up in other Dynasty Warriors games besides in Warriors Orochi.. also Xing Cai, Zuo Ci, and Pang De made their first appearance in Dynasty Warriors 5.. but some characters were missing in Dynasty Warriors 6 and 7 which it pissed me off.. in DW 6 characters missing Xing Cai, Pang De, Zuo Ci, Da Qiao, Zhu Rong, Jiang Wei, Fu Xi, and Nu Wa.. DW 7 characters missing Fu Xi, Nu Wa, and Zuo Ci.. but Dynasty Warriors 8 and 9 had all of them again Except Fu Xi and Nu Wa those two were now in 4 games of Warriors Orochi.. but what I also want is Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8 Empires in English dubbed..

  15. This is a really good review. You articulate yourself well and cover every base. Consider me subscribed. Unfortunately I only played during the first two weeks of this game’s release at first. It was that bad to the point it made me not play a Dynasty Warriors game for a while. I tried to go back but I just could not stomach it. Now I just replay the older games. The only positive I had for this game was character designs. The environment was dry and lackluster. Everything felt repetitive and I felt like I was rarely fighting and spent more time traveling. I usually buy any and every Warriors game but this game was terrible. I never put a Warriors game away before. The game was clearly rushed, and yet ironically paced way too slow. The idea was there but the execution was mediocre. I’ll put 40 hours in DW2 again before I touch this again.

  16. I'd much prefer a remaster collection of Dynasty Warriors 3, 4 & 5, with the expansions included, on each platform. That would be nice.

  17. I think if they had custom characters/Generals and allowed us to create our own Army/Kingdom. Then it would have been better.

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