Lip Addicts Anonymous: Unicorn Edition!

Today I received the second Lip Addicts Anonymous box that Kiss My Sass puts together. It’s a new box, as this is the second month for it. It’s meant for people who love indies, and specifically for people who love lippies. And that’s me.

I am a true addict. I’m not ashamed.



This month, I am truly in love with the box. It’s Unicorn-themed!! Come on now, who doesn’t love unicorns?



Actually, true story, I had contacted KMS asking if Elizabeth would make a lip tint similar to the Bite Beauty LLLR 005. At that point, I was on the edge about paying a stupid amount of money for a lipstick. Well, you know that I did buy it (and it was totally worth it!). After I started obsessively wearing it, I started getting worried whenever I wore it, worried it would run out and then be gone forever.

So thank goodness KMS came to the rescue. And in the monthly box no less! So glad I have the subscription!


The lip tint Elizabeth created isn’t an exact dupe, but I honestly think this is perfect. It’s a lip tint, so it’s a bit sheer (which is exactly what I was hoping for). It adds a touch of color so it is wearable to my office job. It’s called Body Electric. I’m not sure where the name came from, but I’ll forgive it its lack of a unicorn name. Maybe it’s named after this Lana del Ray song or maybe inspired by the Walk Whitman poem, I sing the body electric. I’m really not sure. I do wish the subscription theme was a bit more pronounced and explained. I think Aromaleigh and Hello Waffle do a bit better with their boxes, explaining the theme.


That said, it’s a lovely sheer mauve-purple color. The description says it has a slight shimmer, which is very subtle – you have to look for it. It also says it has a cotton candy flavor, but I didn’t find that it was very strong at all, which is nice. Cotton Candy-scented things tend to smell fake and way too sweet, so I’m glad this didn’t fall in that category. In fact, to me, it smells lightly sweet. I can’t really discern what it smells like, just a vague sweetness. That is perfect. If all lip tints came in this scent, I’d get it in every one of them!!

Bare lips first for reference.



I am so extremely overjoyed with this lip tint. I am so glad I got the box this month, just for this!

Quick comparison of the Body Electric lip tint vs the Bite Beauty LLLR 005 (KMS on the left, Bite on the right):



Oh, and the rest of the box is amazing too!


Also included in this box is a sample of a cream blush, also called Body Electric. It’s mostly the same color as the lip tint, at least at first. But when you blend it out, the mauve comes out a tad more. This is a gorgeous blush. I’ve never used a cream blush before, so I’m very curious to use this. I did find that when I was swatching it on my arm, it blended out gorgeously. Very excited for this! I might even try this out as an eyeshadow too, just for fun (Note: swatch is heavy on the left and blended out to the right).



Sometimes in the sub box, KMS is will feature another indie company as a special guest. This month had a guest indie, Glamour Doll Eyes . GDE is a company I’ve never tried out before, although they’ve been on my list. And I must say, this was a great introduction to them! It was a full size exclusive eyeshadow called It’s So Fluffy!!!, which is a beautiful baby pink eyeshadow. It’s so light that it’s almost white, but it’s got this amazing sparkle to it – tons of pink, green, and red sparkles.

Note: shown over Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the left and NYX white base on the right.


It applied very beautiful. Very creamy and buttery in application, which makes me think that all of their stuff will have a nice formula like this. Going to have to check them out soon!


Next is Kiss My Guavas eyeshadow. This is a beautiful salmon with green sparkles. I definitely don’t own any eyeshadow color like this at all! It’s fun to get something to add to my collection that is truly unique!

Note: shown over Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the left and NYX white base on the right.



Finally, there was a sample vial of a perfume oil called I Kiss Unicorns. This is my favorite name. Oh man. I love it! The official description is “Fluffy marshmallow clouds and sweet cotton candy swirls with hints of crisp pears and juicy nectarines and just a touch of sandalwood.”


In the bottle, the pear and cotton candy jump out at me. But when I apply this to my skin, it starts to smell creamy and almost citrus-y, probably the nectarine notes coming out. After about an hour or so, the nectarine fades and it smells like cotton candy, but not offensive cotton candy. Just a hint of it. I love this!

Bonus unicorn candy!



Like I said, this is my second KMS LAA box, and I have been thrilled with both. I think this month, there may be some people who don’t like the sheerness of the lip tint, but for me, it’s absolutely perfect. Also, how cool is it that I got to basically design my dream lip tint and Elizabeth made it happen! Overjoyed!


Subscriptions open early each month, so if you are interested, keep an eye on the Facebook page. Elizabeth is great at giving ample time to everyone so that they know when to sign up. The box is $10 per month (including shipping), so it’s an absolute steal and the products are awesome. I’m sure after a while, I’ll be overloaded with lip products. But for now, I love it!

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