Is it too late to share my Shiro Black Friday order? — Nahh!

So, I did it. I finally ordered my first Shiro custom lip gloss. I do understand, though, that it can be risky. Even if you know how the eyeshadows look, you never really know how they will look as a lip gloss. But I am so obsessed with He Loves His Hammer that you know I had to do it! While I was at it, I picked up a couple of new eyeshadows, since you know… I was already paying for shipping.

Overall, I’m really happy. The product are really nice, as always. And the shipping time was nice and quick, which I was surprised with, given the holiday season and the probably-very-insane influx of orders on Black Friday.

  • Ordered Nov 28th
  • Shipping Dec 6th
  • Received Dec 12th

All swatches are done with Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the left and NYX white base on the right.

Whiteout – This was a free sample with my order. It’s a shimmery cream, as described, with what looks like to me a silver shift. This is definitely a good highlight color.


Huntress – This color is a nice pewter-y silver. I have a lot of silvers, so this one didn’t change my life, but it was nice.


The Wandering Wizard – The website says this is a matte blue gray, but to me over base, it shows up with a silver sheen. So, I wouldn’t personally call this a matte, since it doesn’t look matte to me. I’d say this is a satin finish.

Zero – This color is no longer available, as it was from the Halloween collection. In the bag, it looks like a beige color, but in reality, its red/pink shift is so strong, that that is what takes over. It’s a warm darker pink. People tend to obsess with this shade, and I can see why.

Ditto – This is a medium bubblegum pink. I don’t think I’d wear this as an eyeshadow, but as a lip gloss…. but really, I will give it a shot as an eyeshadow. That’s my version of living life on the edge.

Cake – This is a creamy color with a slightly yellow creamy shift with lots of pink sparkles. Everyone has told me to pick this up, so I’m excited to play with it. You can see that it looks totally different over glitter glue than over the white base.

Topiary – The other free sample. It’s a medium brown with some sparkle according to the website, but I didn’t see any. Honestly, it looked pretty matte to me. A nice neutral, but I’m not sure I love it more than my Blackbird mattes.

Heart Piece – This is described as a hot pink with golden sparkles. To me, though, this is much more red, like a dark coral. The gold sparkles are definitely more noticeable in person than in my swatches.

I also picked up a sample packet of Hodor and No Men Like Me (which I already own).

So, I couldn’t just leave this at that. I mean, I wanted some lip glosses! I had purchased He Loves His Hammer as a gloss, but I knew that I wanted more custom lip glosses in the future. But, it’s so hard to know what colors will look like when in gloss form, so I decided with some of the shadows that I ordered, I’d try to turn some of them into my own custom lip glosses.

This was more of a test to see what color I might order in the future. So, I purchased some cheapie crappy lip glosses to test these out with, and I mixed some of my eyeshadow samples to create my own custom lip glosses. I won’t review any of these formulas, because obv, they are cheapie formulas. But the colors I think will at least give me a good idea of approximately how they would look if I ordered them.

Lip glosses:

He Loves His Hammer – This is the one custom Shiro gloss I picked up. I ordered it in opaque with a scent of Pink Frosting. The formula is really nice. It’s not even the slightest bit sticky or tacky. Instead, it’s very smooth. And the wear time for me was insane for a gloss. It lasted through a full meal and 2 cups of coffee really well.

The scent is ok. I thought I would love it, but it’s just ok. It smells like frosting, but frosting made with the fake red dye. It’s sweet, but it doesn’t smell like real frosting. It smells like red-dye frosting from Publix. Not awful, just not real.

As for the color, I think I prefer it in one thin layer, rather than built up. Sheer, it’s a bit more pinky-brown. But when its built up, you get this amazing bronze/pewter effect to it, which is insanely pretty, but just not something I’m brave enough for everyday wear. On someone else though, this would be an INSANELY beautiful color.

Hodor – I don’t know why I wanted to test out this lip gloss, but I really had it in my mind that I had to try it. But, I knew it was risky. I’m not a fan on brown colors usually, and I knew this one would be pretty darn brown. So, I used the purchased sample to mix with $1.29 lip gloss from Walgreens.

In a thin layer, it’s pretty much my perfect nude. Thicker than that, and its too brown for me. The blueish sheen that the eyeshadow has didn’t translate to the gloss in my attempt. Not sure if it would if Shiro made it or not, but I doubt it. If I were to order this, I’d get the moderate or sheer formula.

No Men Like Me – Another custom gloss I was curious about was No Men Like Me. I adore this eyeshadow and wear it all the time, so I thought I’d try it out as a gloss. I really liked the color. It wore a bit patchy, as you can easily see in the photos… but I’m not sure if that’s the crappy gloss I mixed it with or not. It probably is. I really like this as a gloss, even though the gold isn’t the most flattering on me. I’ll be adding this to my lip, although I might get it medium or sheer coverage so that I can layer it with other colors.

Chimera – This one was a total gamble. It’s such a complex color in the eyeshadow, that I had NO IDEA how this might translate. I’m glad I tried this out with one of my cheapo glosses, cuz I would have been disappointed otherwise. This color leans really dark brown because of the black base.

Don’t mind the formula wearing into my lip lines. That’s cuz of the crappy gloss. I’m sure if Shiro made this, it would have een a higher quality.

Heart Piece – I saw someone else’s swatch of this before, so I thought I wanted it. But I have so many reds and pinks that I wanted to make sure it was different enough to warrant being ordered. It’s a nice coral red color with gold sparkles. The gold doesn’t show up with one layer, but it does at two. It’s not super strong with the gold, though, so don’t expect that. I have other colors that are similar to this, so I’m not sure how much wear I’d get out of it in everyday life, but I may have to order it eventually anyway. It’s such a pretty dark coral!

Overall, I’m really happy with this order, as always. I definitely feel like I have a couple more custom glosses in the future.

Bonus puppy!

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