Kiss My Sass Black Friday Flash Sale Order

So, I’m sorry this post has taken me so long. I’ve had so many posts I’ve wanted to do, but I just never have the time to knock out blog posts. Even with my job calming down slightly, I’m working a 50+ hour workweek plus 2-3 hours a day of commute. By the time I get home, all I want to do is watch something on Netflix (lately it’s been Ghost Whisperer), shower and go to bed.

The good news is that the job continues to improve. And in my outside-of-work life, I have a dance performance coming up on Jan 3rd, which is basically like right now. I’ve been practicing for that a lot, so I think I’m pretty ready. Nervous, but ready.

Anyway. You don’t read this for updates in my personal life! Onto a day when I spent a bit more money than expected, although actually, I feel like I did pretty good.

On Black Friday, I was all aflutter, looking to make a couple of indie purchases, along with some Christmas shopping. I didn’t want to do too much shopping, so I had just limited myself to a couple of key things I wanted.

And all was going to plan, until I saw on the Kiss My Sass Facebook page, Elizabeth had announced a flash sale. $20 off of a $40 purchase. That is a steal. An absolute steal. And I had been wanting to pick up full sizes of Fireside Glow and Tarnished Halo, so I thought, why not?! I’d been wanting to try more of the bath products anyway.

The flash sale was limited to only 1 hour or the first 5 sales, so I thought I should give it a shot. Luckily, I was one of the 5 lucky people.

Here’s what I picked up:

Fireside Glow – I picked up the full size of this. Looooooove this.

Tarnished Halo – I was able to grab the full size of this one too. Gorgeous!

Orange Tease lip tint – I love KMS’s lip tints. I am going to own all of them one day. They are super moisturizing and have the perfect subtle kiss of color. The moisturizing-ness of them lasts for such a long time. Anyway, I thought I was going to not really love Orange Tease, thought I wanted to give it a shot. As a redhead, orange generally looks terrible on me. Luckily, this is a hint of orange, although it’s more than a hint if you layer it up a bit. For me, though, I’m glad it’s a bit sheer. If you wanted a crazy bright orange, this one is prob not for you. But the sheerness makes it very wearable for my skintone! It has a very slight copper shimmer to it as well, which is a nice touch.

Boudoir lip tint – This lip tint is a sheer berry color with some coppery shimmer to it. The shimmer isn’t so noticeable indoors, but outside, it’s pretty strong. Like all KMS’s other lip tints, it’s very moisturizing and comfortable.

The Garden eyeshadow – I ordered sample of this eyeshadow. It’s so unique! I just had to have it. Really, I haven’t seen anything like this before. It’s a mint green that has a slightly blue-ish cast to it. And when you move, the color shifts to a gorgeous violet. This color movement looks best over the sticky base, but does still show even with no primer at all! I’m going to love wearing this.

Nessie eyeshadow – I ordered the sample of this color as well. I love greens, even though I don’t wear them super often. I guess I am a bit of a green collector. This color is a medium-dark teal color with a TON of multi-colored sparkles, the majority of which are blue and green. It has a very slight shift to purple, but it’s much more subtle than The Garden.

Sleepy Hollow eyeshadow – I received this as a free sample with my order. Sleepy Hollow is a beautiful charcoal with a slightly purple tint to it. Over primer or sticky base, it has an intense copper shift. An absolutely beautiful color.

Blank Canvas White Eye Primer – Honestly, I haven’t used this yet. So I can’t say whether I like it or not. I’ll let you guys know! I received this as a gift with my purchase, so I’m looking forward to using it.


Honey soap sample in Haunted Hayride – KMS describes this scent as having “notes of pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, rum, coffee, milk, cardamom, cocoa, vanilla, hay, cedar, sandalwood, mahogany, patchouli, & musk.” This soap has a deep floral-y scent to me, which is probably the patchouli. It smells nice, but I’m not sure it’s my favorite. The smell is a bit strong to me, to be honest.

Warm and Cozy whipped soap mini – First of all, I just have to say, this mini is huge. It’s 4oz, which is definitely a good amount. I’ve been using this and the sugar scrub for almost a month, and I feel like I’ve made barely a dent. It doesn’t take much soap here on my loofah to get a good lather. The texture of this is a bit different than I expected, so I’ll try to describe that. When I think of “whipped,” I think of cool whip or whipped frosting in a can, but this doesn’t have that consistency. Instead, it’s a bit between that and a hard bar of soap. It’s solid, but not so solid that you can’t scoop it out with your fingers.

The scent is described as “brown sugar & vanilla with a hint of musk.” I think that’s pretty accurate, although I don’t smell much musk in there thank goodness, since I usually don’t like musky scents. It’s a very soft scent, which I like.

After using this product for a while though, it’s becoming a fast favorite. I love the scent. I love the texture. I love how clean I feel when I use it. All in all, I love it.


Full size Cider House bar soap – I haven’t used this. I’m going to give it as a gift.


Cider House foaming super scrub – This is my second sugar scrub from KMS. I like this scent a lot more. It smells more natural than the Cinnamon Cake sugar scrub I picked up a while ago, so I like that.

Again, first thing to note, this mini is huge. The scent is described as “an abandoned cider house sitting in a hay field… (notes of apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, hay, tobacco, honey, cedar, oak & vanilla).” To me, this is a refreshing apple-y smell with some sweetness behind it. I don’t have a sophisticated nose, so I can’t speak to all the scents KMS says are in there, but what I will say is that it does smell nice.

After my shower with this, my skin felt really soft and was slightly scented. It’s not a strong scent, and it fades fairly quickly, but while it’s there, it smells lovely. And the scrub does foam up well. Not as foamy as commercially-purchased body washes, but it still foams up really well.


Perfume sample in Embers – Another free sample with my order (Elizabeth is so generous!). This is described as “toasting marshmallows over a campfire on the perfect fall night. (notes of toasted marshmallows, falling leaves, campfires).” I didn’t expect this to actually smell like this. But it did! It makes me think of being around a campfire toasting marshmallows. I really like it. I’m not a bit perfume person, though, unfortunately, so I’m not sure Ill get any use out of it. The downside for me is that since I am so sensitive to smells, when I’ve worn it, it gives me a slight headache until the scent fades down some (or until I get used to it maybe).


Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. Every time I try more KMS eyeshadows, I enjoy them more and more. I like the bath stuff as well. She has a whipped soap scent currently called Santa’s Mustache (creepy name) that is supposed to smell like hot chocolate and candy canes. Yum. I do really like the Warm and Cozy whipped soap, so I might have to pick up the full size of that when I’m done. And The Garden will definitely be something I need in a full size once I go through this sample.


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