Hyderabad STREET FOOD Tour | Eating Sweet + Spicy INDIAN FOOD in Charminar 🔥🇮🇳

Join us for a Hyderabad Street Food Tour as we explore Charminar eating sweet and spicy Indian Food. Hey guys! Sam here, and in today’s episode we’re back in India, where I’m going to be taking you on an incredible do-it-yourself Hyderabad Street Food tour. I did this trip to India a while back with my friend David from David’s been here, who’s a fellow foodie and traveller. Our mission was to sample as much Indian street food as possible, and this day was especially delicious.

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In this episode, we’ll be focusing on sweet and spicy Indian food in Hyderabad’s Old Town.
We try the Following Indian Street Food items in Hyderabad, India:

1) Traditional buttery biscuits called Osmania with Chai
2) Chunky Mango Malai
3) Spicy Ginger Chicken that will set your mouth on fire
4) Fresh Pomegranate sold right on the street
5) Refreshing Lassi with Ice Cream to cool down after a busy day of eating and sightseeing!

Of course, no visit to Hyderabad’s Old Town would be complete without also visiting Charminar, so we’ll climb up this impressive mosque which offers stunning views of the city.

Bring your appetite and join us as we explore Hyderabad on this street food tour!

David and I kick-off our street food tour in Hyderabad with a stop at Nimrah Café and Bakery, a local hangout serving delectable tea and cookies. With over 25 different varieties of cookies, you’ll be hard-pressed to narrow down your selection. To wash this all down we sampled Irani Chai – a hot milky delight featuring ginger and cinnamon.

Our attraction on this street food tour was a visit to the monumental Charminar. This four minaret mosque was built in 1591 features the best views in the Old Town area of Hyderabad. We paid 300 rupees as foreigners and it was well worth it.

To cool down we headed to Milan Juice Centre for a refreshing drink called Mango Malai. It was actually more thick than refreshing with heaps of milk and yoghurt.

To turn up the dials on the spice-o-meter we headed to Al-Akbar Fast Food Corner to sample boneless chicken 65 nuggets, ginger chicken and parathas. Given that I love spicy Indian food this was right up my alley. The ginger sauce was next level.

To close things off we headed over to Matwale Doodh Ghar for a creamy lassi. After just indulging eating spicy chicken this was the perfect way to end our food tour in Hyderabad. Given how hot it was that afternoon we sure needed this.

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Hyderabad STREET FOOD Tour | Eating Sweet + Spicy INDIAN FOOD in Charminar 🔥🇮🇳:

While we were in the Old Town, we also visited Charminar, which is one of Hyderabad’s top attractions.

Charminar is a mosque that was built in 1591 and its name literally translates into ‘four pillars’ or ‘four minarets’. We decided to go up to get a better view of the old town.

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  2. Luv ur videos sam…. Awesome Reactions and I see u genuinely enjoy Indian food…. And ur videos with David are also awesome

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  4. Proud of my place 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    Before I move to USA, I use to live there for about 30 years … miss this place and people and food. love Hyderabad forever…
    My parent's live there missing 😢😢😢
    Old city 🥰🥰love
    Sir try hyderabad beryani, Haleem, kabab too..

  5. Yay!! I'm a very picky eater but always love your food videos. Is this from the same trip as the earlier series you did about Indian food with David? Or did you guys go on another trip together??

  6. I cannot stand to see how unclean this country is, and how food is handled there just un sanitary….unsanitary conditions. The crowd of people are unapealing, are you sure you didn't have massive tummy aches eating this food. What kind of food is saturated in a thousand spices and yet looks like it going in the same going out! wow..pepito bismal can't even cure this culinary disaster! YUCK!

  7. happy to see you completing the series i understand your channel did not receive the same success as Davids even though you put much more effort in editing

  8. Dude hardly ate anything in India, basically rode on the back of David. His snobby wife could not even handle India so didn’t bother to come. Snowflakes!

  9. Con tantas galletas tuve que ir a mi cocina a comer una ,pero las que habéis probado se veían deliciosas las podia oler 😋😋😋🍪🍪

  10. Fascinantes País!!! Pero lo siento yo no hablo inglés y no me enterado de nada nada!!!!😁😁😁

  11. Hola Gente linda !!!!
    Soy seguidores de Ustedes pero en la versión en Español. Y me llego la invitación para ver este video de la India donde iba a ser subtitulado en Español. Pero no es así…..y me quede con las ganas de ver y aprender con Ustedes.
    Desde ya los Felicito por el canal y un saludo muy especial para Audrey y Samuel.
    Ojalá algún día nos encontremos y nos conociéramos personalmente. Y tener el gusto de conocerlos…..
    Les deseo lo Mejor….

  12. Hope you don't make poor choices on TYPICAL INDIAN MUSIC in the background of your next videos. That is definitely not Indian music which many people in western countries think is.

  13. Dear Sam, I can't tell you how much I missed your videos about India!!!! Finally you heard me!!! They are the most interesting videos about India ever made.

  14. thanks for posting this video. it was so boring because of quarantine. . want to videocall? 💋💋

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