How to Clear/Remove Acer Bios Password

In this tutorial, we are looking at 3 ways to clear Acer Bios Password.

First method is by using “Acer Clean Password Utility”
Second method is by shorting two pins
Third method is by removing CMOS battery.

Here is the link to the file:

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This tutorials was recorded with Magewell xi100dusb-hdmi”


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26 thoughts on “How to Clear/Remove Acer Bios Password

  1. Sir when I was formatting the drive it is coming as the device is write protected. What to do sir please respond to my comment

  2. Good evening sir,
    I put the BitLocker password in my laptop "Acer A1-431" model two years ago in the "D" drive, which I now want to delete permanently but am not able to remove, I watched many videos from YouTube but removing the Bitlocker But could not remove. And in Bios also, Secure Password is telling the standard, due to which I am unable to install new windows in that laptop, please help me. Thanks dinesh kumar from india

  3. Did not work. Does not recognize the device as bootable at all. If there is Linux, it spreads it, but not if there is DOS.

  4. You can do it from this web page all you need is to get the key number used to unlock BIOS password. It can be reached after entering wrong password tree times.

  5. probé el primer método y funciono en un Acer Aspire one 255 gracias pero ahora no puedo acceder a las opciones avanzadas.

  6. Cant even format my thumb drive it just has FAT when i hit start it says there is no media in specified device.

  7. I have same issue, my brother touch the notebook and the bios supervisor password is locked, i can't startup the pc because the boot mode in [UEF I]

  8. When trying to create the disk it says "device media is write protected". And its not i transferred other files on and off and it writes. Also deleted everything on my pen drive …

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