Hong Kong’s new activists | VPRO Documentary

This documentary is an intimate introduction to the young activists in Hong Kong, who are taking on China’s superpower. Hong Kong’s new activists use successfully (and impressive endurance) totally new resources to secure the future of their city. What can we learn from the activists in Hong Kong?

The protests in Hong Kong started six months ago, and there is no sing for it that they will stop. In the Western world, we follow the student protest with astonishment, that take place between the reflective facades of the numerous skyscrapers and expensive retail chains. The protests are tightly organized, disciplined, brave, determined, and come with entirely new and resourceful attack and defense techniques. With pathos and gas masks, they even made it possible to present a new anthem to the world.

Former China correspondent and filmmaker Floris-Jan van Luyn follows four front soldiers: students Amy and Edwin, student Charlotte and the fifty-years-old Virginia (leader of the drum bands driving the masses). Van Luyn talks with them about “demonstrating the new,” the fear of China, and how Hong Kong should continue. A cinematic story about a stalemate.

Original title: Hongkongs nieuwe helden

Director: Floris-Jan van Luyn
Research: Billy Lau, William de Bruijn
Camera: Christian Paulussen
Sound: Louis Lui
Editing: Daan Wierda, NCE
Image editing: Britt Bennink, Rob Dorresteijn, Paula Witkamp
Cooridinator Online: Arja van den Bergh
Production: Jeroen Beumer
Commissioning Editors: Bregtje van der Haak, Doke Romeijn

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26 thoughts on “Hong Kong’s new activists | VPRO Documentary

  1. Chale" soy MEXICANO No entiendo x que entre aquí aparte que no entiendo un pito lo que disen 😂😆😂😆😂😆

  2. Five demands:
    1)Withdrawal of the extradition bill
    2) Retraction of the term 'riot'
    3) Amnesty for the arrested protestors
    4) Independent Inquiry for police brutality
    5) Dual universal suffrage for both the Legislative Council and Chief Executive
    Fight for freedom, Stand with Hong Kong

  3. These are not protesters, they are TERRORISTS! Arson, brutal beating of innocent people, setting human on fire, vandalizing, throwing petrol bombs can not be justified by their so called noble cause! They called themselves the "majority" when they only consists of 2million, mostly imaginary, of the more than 7 million of HK citizens… this will give you a clue on how wise and reasonable these thugs are. LEAVE HK , denounce your Chinese nationality and don't ever come back!

  4. Why did I have to “confirm” that I was okay w the “potentially offensive or inappropriate” content in this video? Anyone else have to do that?

  5. Emmm… when you took a side, your report becomes bias and heavily one sided. Don’t think this report is worth anyone 50mins coz nothing to learn about the triggers and historical events led these youngsters here. Even it did, purely onesided

  6. 1m to 2m people take on the streets obviously means political problems that needs to be faced seriously by the government. The key
    problem is the govenment must be elected by its citisen which is one of the
    most important persuit in their five demands of hongkonger. Don't always tried to ignore zs n focus on your socalled violence.

  7. The future of Hong Kong belong to the youngsters! Hope democracy and freedom will come to Hong Kong one day.

  8. Pls dont film their faces, they will be getting into trouble, commie police thugs are now acting exactly like commie police in china criminal party who have no human rights, no freedom, no rule, no law, no accountability, no respect, no care for PEOPLE!

  9. The world has long aware china criminal party is inhumane, barbaric, no law, no rule, no accountability, no responsibility, no respect, no consideration, no care for the people but corrupted. The HK crises further expose ccp is stupid, incapable, incompetent rulers. Had they come out to listen to the PEOPLE and rectify the situation peacefully in June when 1 million took to streets, no chaos whatsoever would have happened. Instead they deploy police brutality in mass slaughtering, kidnapping, raping, disappearing and torturing the PEOPLE which worsen the situation by thousands time to a stage of no return.

  10. It is very hard to fully support the Hongkongers. I think fighting for freedom is amazing and support their demands but not how violent they can get. Both sides are violent. It is hard to differentiate the people who are just walking the streets peacefully protesting and the ones who are throwing bottles with gasoline in them. There is obviously no way for either side to calm down at the moment. I wish the best for Hong Kong and all who live there.

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