Hong Kong Nightlife: TOP 20 Bars & Clubs

This is my Ultimate Hong Kong Nightlife Guide featuring the TOP 20 bars & nightclubs which I carefully selected including places such as Eyebar, HQ, The Ring, The China Bar, Hong Kong Pub Crawl, Zentral and Play, the most epic nightclub in Hong Kong. Subscribe to my channel ► for weekly videos!

Hong Kong is a magical place, especially for its vibrant nightlife. It surprised me how little is known about all the amazing venues and places to party. Most tourists and travelers stay in the popular LKF (Lan Kwai Fong) nightlife district and not venture out to the other exciting districts in the city like the Knutsford Terrace, which is a big mistake!

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To start off, grab a few cocktails at the highest bar in the world located on the 118th floor of the ICC building, currently world’s 4th tallest building with stunning views of the Hong Kong skyline.
A beer starts at $102 Hong Kong dollars, roughly $13 US dollars. They have a special observatory deck called SKY100 with 46% discount on tickets. Alternatively,
visit Eyebar in the Tsim Sha Tsui district which offers an outdoor patio with, in my opinion, the best view of Hong Kong. Beers here will set you back $100 HKD, $13 USD.

I visited Hong Kong during Halloween, widely known to be the best time of the year! During my stay I ventured out to the Lan Kwai Fong district to join the popular Hong Kong Pub Crawl,
they had a massive turn-out resulting in one of the most fun parties I have ever attended. The Hong Kong Pub Crawl is ONLY $12 USD with a 10% discount, includes 3x bars and 1x nightclub (so cover is free),
free shots and 50% OFF drinks at the bar. Especially in Hong Kong, I definitely recommend this because nightclubs and drinks are very expensive.

The Hong Kong nightlife has two major districts; LKF (Lan Kwai Fong) in HK-Central with bars Le Jardin Club, Karma Lounge, the Iron Fairies and Wahtiki Lounge.
The second district is Knutsford Terrace in Kowloon with excellent bars; The China Bar, Arena by Zerve and my favorite The Ring Bar which is an esports nightclub with Street Fighter,
Mario Kart and FIFA soccer you can freely play, the best thing: Edelweiss beer on tap, my favorite beer in the world.

LKF known by the locals as ‘bad white people place’. To say there is a specific bar that stands out I would be lying. SOHO and LKF districts are packed with incredible bars and nightclubs, all within walking distance.

The best party I attended in Hong Kong was a private Halloween jam at HQ by Terrace Concepts. HQ did a great job decorating their venue with bloody bodies. The crowd was super friendly,
excellent beats and a large outdoor patio with bottle service. If it is a regular Saturday night, then I highly recommend Play to mingle with the locals, it is an excellent nightclub and not too touristy.

The great thing about Hong Kong is almost everyone speaks English, so unlike Japan, it is a lot easier to mingle and make new friends here.

Nightlife in Hong Kong often keeps going until 6am at the earliest. 6am is the perfect time to visit Victoria Peak since everyone will be sleeping, so you can watch the sunrise all by yourself.
Taking a taxi to Victoria peak is dirt cheap, if there is one thing in Hong Kong that is cheap it is 100% the taxis.

Hotels & Airbnb in Hong Kong Central can be very pricey, so if you are on a budget consider staying in the Causeway bay area, or Mong Kok area. Please do avoid staying at the Chungking Mansions guesthouses, rumor has it that the building is very dirty and loaded with cockroaches. However, I can offer you $46 OFF your first Airbnb rental in Hong Kong.

In conclusion, the Hong Kong Nightlife was better than I expected, however it did take a few days to get familiar with the nightlife districts to find the best bars & nightclubs.
The city offers so many great places to drink and party but if you are new to Hong Kong, do not forget to join The Hong Kong Pub Crawl for just $13 USD with 10% discount, you cannot go wrong!

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  1. hi friends, I recorded this video just before the Hong Kong protests and covid-19 outbreak, I have been sitting on this epic footage for quite some time and decided to not postpone the release any longer. I just really hope Hong Kong returns to its original glory. Fight For Freedom!

  2. What times do clubs open and close at in Hong Kong? in Ireland they have shit times from 23:30-2:30am which is just sad xD been to Korea and Japan and nightlife was just crazy man. Great video really enjoy watching the different clubs, the price each drink would cost and how to get to them.

  3. congratulations for your video, we love Nightlife, we share your video in our feed instagram ❤️🙏🔊

  4. Hey man great video! Thanks for the tips. I like how informative you are in your videos.

    I have a question for you, do you have any interest in showing outdoor activities, likes parks. Or attractions that outdoorsy people would enjoy?

  5. Amazing video man! Well done!! Hope you enjoyed your night at Tenkei and HQ! Take care, give us a shout if you’re heading to the UK!

  6. Hi i have been following you for a very long time plz do visit Israel. They have alot of nice places to explore & great nightlife.

  7. Hahahahaha at 11:22 look at the guy he is totally fucked , hys in sy poes in lol. Anyway another great video.

  8. 1) Gough's is closed down
    2) Dragon-i is sooo overrated, bad service, over priced drinks (however, this is where all international stars (David Beckham and other celebrities) go

    – Lan Kwai Fong is pretty much dead lately.
    – Walk up to Peel Street for a lively-er crowd (Shady Acre bar)

  9. not hitting China for any reason: and although HONG KONG is the real China- the reality of CORONAVIRUS as a PANDEMIC is yet to be fully understood. sadly your video is basically from another time reality.

  10. When are you going to return to Europe for nightlife? I hear Lisbon, Portugal and Berlin, Germany are great!

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