Fake LOL Dolls have been showing up for sale on the internet. It certainly can be confusing when trying to tell if you are buying a real or fake.

In this video Willow shows examples of fake LOL dolls and what to look out for before you buy your next LOL Surprise. The video shows examples of actual photographs used to sell the counterfeit versions. While watching you will learn to recognise the packaging you can expect to see when they are actually fake lol dolls.

The video starts off by showing a real and a fake lol doll side by side. If you are familiar with these you will probably recognise Merbaby from series 1 laying next to a doll you wouldn’t recognise. That opening comparison photograph sums up the typical differences between the real and fake dolls. The clothing doesn’t match, the hair is way off colour and the paint is noticeably inferior, particularly around he lips in this example.

Next up in this video you can see six fake lol dolls standing side by side. The hair is recognisable and looks ok when not campared directly with a real doll. The clothing however is clearly unauthentic and lacks the detail and color of an original lol doll.

After the introduction Willow talks briefly about spotting the fakes based on the price. They have typically been cheaper than average when offered for sale. This should ring the first warning alarm when you are choosong your next lol surprise doll.

The next shot of a doll shows the tell tale screw only found in the fakes. There is more than one variant of the fake lol dolls and not all types have this screw, however if you do have a doll with a screw in its back it is a guaranteed copy.

The video then moves on to start exposing the packaging and marketing photograps you need to be aware of.

You will see season 1 and season 2 balls packaged in single boxes; boxes that have never been produced by the original manufacturer. It is pointed out that many boxes have a very logo that while very similar in appearance actually spells LQL rather than LOL. The other type of fake box shown offers 6 fake lol balls which is clearly another to be aware of.

The video goes on to show a fake series one lol ball. Willow points out that this one has a small amount of blue shown where it would be white on an original ball.

A checklist is shown which has no pink codes next to each doll as you would expect to find in a real one. It is also indicitative of a fake lol doll because ‘series 1’ is mispelt ‘seroes 1’.

Willow continues to highligh more advertising images to look out for. You can see the fake lol dolls often featured in their photographs. She also points out some of the absurdities regarding the catchlines accompanying the dolls.

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