Evidence-Based Weight Loss: Live Presentation

In his newest live presentation from 2019, Dr. Greger offers a sneak peek into his new book How Not to Diet, which hones in on the optimal criteria to enable weight loss while considering how these foods actually affect our health and longevity.

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I’m so excited to be bringing you my new live presentation!

I used to do annual reviews of the medical literature, but that was before the success of How Not to Die ( Realizing just how many people (and in 33 languages!) I’m now able to reach with my books, I set out to write a new book every three years. The downside is that now I’m just barely able to keep up making new videos for NutritionFacts.org and so I just have time to create one new presentation per book. This one, I am proud to announce, is based on my upcoming book How Not to Diet ( which comes out next month.

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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28 thoughts on “Evidence-Based Weight Loss: Live Presentation

  1. It's been a couple of years since I released a video of my live presentation. I hope you enjoyed in this one! You can pre-order How Not to Diet here – https://nutritionfacts.org/how-not-to-diet.

  2. Does anyone else giggle a little when he does his eehhhhhhh or uuhhhhhhh at the beginning of some words? 😁❤

  3. All the tweaks that he told was present in an indian dish (soup) called Rasam and we drink with every meal.

  4. Absolutely incredible iformation. Ill probably watch this 2-3 more times and take lots of notes.
    Using the daily dozen and feel really empowered and greatful!

  5. WOW!! I'm new to your channel and WAS basically doing a ketogenic diet. NOT ANYMORE!!!! Starting NOW, I'm adapting a whole food, plant-based diet!!!! You scared me with the fact that I'm going to shorten my life span eating the way that I thought was going to lengthen it!?! I am blown away!!! Even eating meat once a week is detrimental to my health?! Holy cow! I've got a lot more research to do here, but thank you for setting me on a path that will immediately improve my health!!! THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!!!

  6. I had the opportunity to meet you Dr. Greger many years ago now. You came to Montreal, Canada, and did a meet and greet at Copper Branch, a local plant-based restaurant. I went mostly to accompany my sister who is vegan, but I've become fascinated with your works. Your book "How Not to Die" is probably the best empirically researched/relatable/easy to read book out there. I have yet to read "How Not to Diet," but I'm sure it will follow suit. The amount of effort you put into this cause is mind boggling. You are changing so many lives, and no one will ever be able to thank you enough!

  7. Can someone explain me how the Dozen app works?i installed it but dont understand what to do or eat?
    How much do i need to eat in grams?
    On how late? How much water liter a day?

    How can i loosr fastest fat by using the dozen app?

  8. Hi guys, finally I found someone who is willing to help and not profit from our “misery “. So I ask, what’s the time do take garlic, ginger, natural yeast and cayenne pepper ?

  9. Dr. Greger you're one of my plant based heros. I had a chance to meet you at a veg fest in MI. I felt like a teenager meeting a rock star. LOL My husband and I went plant based 3 years ago, we will never go back. My husband is type one diabetic. He is actually a healthy type one diabetic. His A1C is now down to 6.0. His endocrinologist is amazed at how well he is doing. He said he wants to use my husband as his poster child. "What are you doing" he asks my husband. My husband says "I've gone plant based". The conversation falls flat on the floor and the doctor doesn't want to talk about it anymore. One thing we need to get a better handle on is my husband's sugar going low. He is on an insulin pump along with a glucose monitoring sensor. This really has helped a lot also. But I will tell you, the high fiber really changes the amount of insulin he needs to take for a meal. Even adjusting carbohydrate intake, minus fiber intake, we know he needs to go lower on insulin intake. I have your knew How not to Diet book from audible, Love the fact that you record your own books (also purchased How not to Die). I will be purchasing the print book also. Please, keep up the good work, you and your staff. Love you Dr. Greger, keeping you in my prayers.

  10. Thylakoids are blowing my mind!! No wonder I am so happy and satisfied stuffing myself with cruciferous veggies and leafy greens!!

  11. Finally, Dr. Greger made sense of the whole foods diet and how to eat properly. Don't need anything else but good health and long life! Thank you Dr. Greger, my subscription to your nutritionfacts is worth it's weight in gold!!!

  12. i have seen nutrition experts make the exact opposite statements and they backed it up with studies, too. how can i decide who is right?

  13. Muchas gracias. Dios lo bendiga con larga vida y salud para que continúe transmitiendo sus conocimientos y ojalá deje un legado de médicos a quienes les interese la salud desde la prevención.

  14. Whole plant foods means you have to graze all day long like a cow. Simple isn't it?

    You eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and that's all you want for the day. Salmon for the night and that's all. No need to eat anything during the day.

    No sugar no grazing no running for a snack all day long and no talking like a drunk.
    Fat is great for the brain as the brain is two thirds fat and and one third cholesterol which is not in vegetables.

  15. I am so confuseddd !
    I have heard everywhere that intermittent fasting was acceleratiing your métabolism, leading to fat loss and increased muscle mass !

    Also, can we really eat that much whole grains and legumes ? They are so rich in calories though they are thé main sources of plant based protein.

    I am so confused i read everything and it's total opposit.

  16. I take it you don't believe in creation. God created everything you see around 7 thousand years ago according to the bible.

  17. Great to see Dr. Greger in extended presentation once a gain. A must see for my overweight patients and anyone who wants to see and hear the truth about nutrition. Follow this guiding light that will lead you from the fog of preconceived notions and (corporate propagated) conventional wisdom about food and health.

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