Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

Dynasty Warriors 9 reviewed by David Jagneaux.

9 New Things in Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 – Opening Cinematic

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24 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

  1. Earlier today, we accidentally uploaded an unfinished draft of this review which, among a few other small issues, called the 5.8 score "great" instead of "mediocre." Sorry for the error, and thank you to everyone who pointed it out!

  2. Tbh the game is trash compared to dynasty warriors 8 and 7 when I played I was so disappointed that I just gave up purely cause the combat was horrible I’d give it a 3.2

  3. Now, I would say it is 6,5 after polishing a game a bit, mediocre at the best, but not that bad. Co-op is doing decent job with it.

  4. I'm willing to bet that CDProjektRed had less capital when making The Witcher 3 than Koei did when making DW9.

  5. The worse DW game ever and I never hate DW game so far except this. It's so painful playing this game. The worst ever. A lot of glitch, enemy soldier just standing there waiting to die, ally officers not helping much, odd and useless feature (buy accomodation and then you can invite the soldier to hang out in the middle of war, like WTF), and so many more. Normally I will play one campaign for hours but for this, after finished one battle I have to take a break and turn off my ps4 before I try to finish another battle or I will go insane. All those things bugging me a lot. This game have a beautiful concepts but bad execution. Just save your money and buy another game. Hopefully they learned a lesson from this and make DW10 a lot lot lot lot lot better than this crappy, cheap looking DW9 game!

  6. All of y'all must not be true fans of the series. This is the best one yet. It's endless opportunities with this one. I love the open world. The only down side is the unique weapons but they make up for it with the action and adventures. The fighting styles are great too. The combos makes the game very interesting

  7. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is still better (9.5/10). It for you to play a new kingdom to yourself not fun for everyone to play across the world which can be a better game yet. & what im saying is that no online servers to get enough people in their platforms to fight, coops, release new weapons, daily quests, challenge prizes more abilities etc, everything in the book for any dynasty warrior game the graphics are high noted fighting styles too I'm just looking for newer detail to overcome a new thing & like I said for dynasty warriors 9 is for you to play for yourself not for everyone to play across the world.

  8. Oh wow. This review was very helpful. Most people just hate on this game without explaining clearly but this was very informative.

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