DIY: Emoji Accessories | Necklace, Pins, Brooches, Rings & More!

Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you how to make DIY Emoji accessories and how to get Free Gift Cards by downloading the app AppBounty!
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USE Code MAKO for Bonus Points!

▶ Instructions on how to download the app:

1. If you are viewing this video on your iOS device (Android instructions below) then click this link: If not, simply take your iOS device and head to
2. On the website you click ‘Get started’ For invite code be sure to type in the code ‘MAKO’ to get 50 free credits! Download the first offer app on screen in order to get another 100 credits. Install & open. When asked, accept the notifications from this offer, so that you know when you have your credits in AppBounty. Click the link to return to to see your 150 credits.
3. To add more credits, simply try out more free apps!
After around 30 seconds after you’ve followed the actions, the credits will be added to your total!
Once you’ve got enough credits, you can redeem them in the rewards section (including Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes and many more).

1. If you are viewing this video on your Android device then click here: If not, then simply take your Android device and search for AppBounty in the PlayStore, download and install the app.
2. Once you’ve downloaded that, you’ll be asked to enter an invite code. Here be sure to type in the code ‘MAKO’ (respect the caps!) to get 50 free credits! To add to those 50 points, start downloading the offers.
3. Follow the action for each offer ‘e.g. Download and start’. It might take a minute or so to be credited so be sure to leave the app open, the credits will then be added to your total. Once you’ve got enough credits, you can redeem them in the rewards section (including Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes and many more).

▶Things you will need:
– Shrinking foil/plastic (here I’m using mat transparent foil)
– Waterproof marker
– Paint (you can use acrylic paint, watercolours, pencils or sharpies but it all depends on the shrinking plastic you are using)
– Paint brushes
– Scissors
– Glaze
– Glue
– Hole puncher
– Pin backs for brooches
– Key-chains
– Necklace
– Adjustable ring blanks
– Flat-nose pliers


► How to enter!
Comment in the description box down below and let me know what is your favourite Emoji and in what type of accessory I should make it for you!

► Prizes
Hand made Emoji Accessory personally made for you! + Surprise package with lots of other goodies!

► Rules

– This giveaway is international & free to enter!
– There will be 5 winners that are chosen randomly!
– You need to be 18+ or have your parent’s permission!
– Your entries must conform your federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, including U.S. sanctions.
– This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, YouTube.
– Giveaway ends 30 April 2016!


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Disclaimer: I didn’t get paid to promote this app! I tried this app for myself first before I decided to share it with you guys! It is really fun and easy, even kinda addictive collecting all the points! Everything in this video is purchased with my own money!


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