BABY DRIVER (2017) Movie Clip #2 – Tequila Gun Fight |FULL HD| Jamie Foxx

BABY DRIVER (2017) Movie Clip – Robbery Getaway |FULL HD| Jamie Foxx

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PLOT: After being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail.

CAST: Ansel Elgort, Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey

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42 thoughts on “BABY DRIVER (2017) Movie Clip #2 – Tequila Gun Fight |FULL HD| Jamie Foxx

  1. There is no way someone would think it’s strange to see someone running away from gunshots and out baby like that lady with her dog

  2. 1) wrong video title this is the hocus pocus heist chase
    2) it makes no sense that she would go to the officer and be like "hey some guy shakes his head at me when I waved at him"
    3) how can you think something is wrong if he shakes his head? 0 logic. If you thought he was signalling something bad happening inside then why did you get the guard to come to speak to him and not go in the bank/building where the ACTUAL robbery was happening…
    4) there was no reason for baby to f*ck up the heist. He not only made enemies, got the guys mistress killed, killed his own member leaving evidence, lost the money, made himself wanted by the police especially now, etc
    4) why was he traumatized or day dreaming looking at the dead guard and frightened women? Makes no sense he didn't do that in the other Michael myer mask heist? Yes he has childhood problems but it has no logic
    5) I know he met the women the day before but how did he see him in the rain with the wipers on?
    6) why the hell would you wave at someone while its raining and you're soaking wet
    7) why is he not wearing gloves
    8) why is he not wearing a mask
    9) why did he just stand there after he got out of the car after he crashed it? F*cking run???
    10) why did he do this in the first place I swear there was a girl he liked and wanted to protect?
    11) the mistress and guy shouldve shot his ass straight away after that crash, is there a benefit to keeping him alive. I mean you end up trying to kill him later???
    12) you know what I know its just a movie but there are just so many things i don't know why the directors just didn't give a shit about….

  3. this movie is just a fantasy for 13 year old skinny beta males…sorry guys the alphas will continue to rule

  4. it bothers me that baby thought this was a good idea
    it would have made much more sense if bats killed both the security guard and the post office woman- the death of an innocent woman with whom baby had interacted with days before being what sends baby over the edge and makes baby kill bats even though it risks babys life.

  5. This stupid song! Robocop now this trash! Next movie that plays it I'll snap the disk…Fucken yodeling trash

  6. He is angry because he killed that cop!
    He does that job but he doesn’t want to harm others’ lives. I think.

  7. When baby had only one ear phone in his ear if we are wearing earphone we'll hear music from one side of our ear and when at 1:54 he puts the other earphobe on we can hear the music from both sides of our earphones.

  8. 2:39 – All seeing eye of Horus reference. Who get's punched in the face and only the lens breaks.
    Hollywood pedogate luciferians.

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