Aromaleigh Ignis Antiquita Collection Swatches (lots of pics)

Hey guys! Sorry for the lag in my blog posts recently. I just started a new job AND went away for a conference, all within 2 weeks. It’s been very crazy. I’m hoping that soon my new job stuff can settle down some so that I can pick up my blog more again. But for now, I just haven’t had the time to devote to this.

Anyway, today I have some new swatches for you.

Every week, Aromaleigh puts a different collection for a crazy awesome sale. I’ve been waiting for the Ignis Antiquita Collection to land on that, and it finally happened! (Note: Keep an eye on Aromaleigh’s Facebook page – that’s where they announce the sale each week).

This collection is pretty amazing. It’s huge, with 40 total eyeshadows in it. I didn’t need that many, so I ordered just the ones that caught my eye. It’s such an interesting collection, though, mostly because of the subject. The Ignis Antiquita Collection is inspired by powerful and impactful women from throughout history. So cool! Ever since I heard that, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some of these.

I chose 14 different eyeshadows from the collection, mostly in the colors that I knew I’d be more likely to wear more. But there are so many to choose from. That almost makes it too hard to narrow down what to get, but I won’t really complain about that. Options are awesome. 40% off discounts for the sale of the week is awesome. These eyeshadows are awesome.

In terms of ship time, I received these eyeshadows ridiculously quickly. In less than a week. That is crazy fast, esp in the indie world! And it’s wrapped up nicely in hot pink tissue paper.

Ready for some swatches? I sure am.

Aspasia – Aspasia is an orchid pink-purple color with lots of sparkles. To be honest, I couldn’t capture what color sparkles. The website says copper, teal and indigo, so we can go with that. Regardless, there were many, feel safe in that. I love this color. Radiant Orchid was a pretty awesome color of the year this year, so I am pretty excited to finally have the matching eyeshadow.

Adelaide – Adelaide is a bright violet with pink sparkles. Aromaleigh describes it as “a rich violet-blue with multi-tonal overlays of rose and violet. A completely cool toned shade, but still full of life and shimmer,” which we’ll go with. This color is really beautiful.

Melisende – This color to me looks like a dark dusty rose with multicolor sparkles. The website says it’s a “soft buff with soft blue to green and teal multi-tonal shifts.” I didn’t see the blue to green shifts here, but maybe I wasn’t in the right lighting? Still, it is nice.

Tamar – This was a wow color for me. It’s an amazing orange-gold color with seriously great coverage, whether you are using primer or not!

Skuld – This is a purple-gray color with blue and green sparkles. Aromaleigh says it “has multichrome effects of red to violet, and copper tones, within a base of weathered red with dark violet undertones.” That’s a bit dramatic of a description for this, but it is nice. Not a favorite, but definitely a very wearable color.

Honoria – Honoria is a silvery-lilac color with pink sparkles. I love this.

Aethelflaed – Aethelflaed is a silvery green with gold sparkles. It’s a very complex color, which I appreciate. This is one of my faves.  

Boudicca – This is a dark pink color. It’s nice, but not an absolute favorite. The website says it’s “a strong plummy/russet brown, with vivid multichrome effects of green/gold and blue/teal.” I didn’t see the multichrome effect, though, honestly. Still nice, but not as complex as I was expecting.

Ursula – Ursula is a very pretty blurple with green/blue shift. I do really like this one. Unique and interesting.

Urraca – When I was swatching this color, I wrote down “this is a russet brown with pink and green shift.” But the website says it’s “a rich bordeaux with mahogany undertones, and interference multichromal highlights of gold, green and blue.” I guess that goes to show how complex this color is. I wouldn’t have expected it at first, since it looks a bit blah in the bag. But in real life, it’s nice.

Lucrezia – This color is a beige-peach with green gold shift. It’s a very creamy looking color, which makes sense that Aromaleigh describes it as “a soft warm cream.” I didn’t expect to love this one so much, but it’s so unique. I love that.

Tomoe – I have a confession. I didn’t choose this color because I liked it. I just chose it because it’s about a Japanese warrior-woman. To me, this was a warm brown- burgundy with red sparkles and a purple shift.

Khutulan – This was my favorite of all of them I think. It’s a gorgeous teal with a gold shift. My note when I was swatching this was, “One day, when I’m a mermaid, this is what color my hair will be.” Ha!

Clotilda – This is a dark purple-gray with a strong golden shift. I didn’t see the blue/green/red multichrome effect that Aromaleigh describes, but this is a very gorgeous color. It’s one of those colors like Chimera from Shiro that is just so complex you want to keep looking at it.


Overall impressions, I’m very happy with these eyeshadows. They are absolutely lovely!

What do you guys thinks? Are there other colors from this collection that are must-haves?


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