Aromaleigh’s More Human Than Human Collection Swatchfest

When the More Human Than Human collection was first released, I was lucky enough to win the sample sized prize that included all colors from the collection in sample sizes!

Aromaleigh is always extremely fast at shipping, so of course I received these in just a handful of days. Now that I think about it, I’ve never ordered from Aromaleigh and had it take more than like 3 business days to get to me – impressive!

Anyway, this collection is inspired by the movie Blade Runner. I’ve seen it a couple of times, and it never ceases to creep me out. I think that’s why people love it so much. Having this collection makes me want to watch it again and find the inspiration for all of the colors.

Overall, this collection is really colorful, and the eyeshadows themselves are all very buttery and smooth. Without any sort of base, as you’ll see, they don’t really do all that well, but even over just a plain white base, they really start to pop.

Note: All swatches are Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the left and NYX white base on the right.


Origami Unicorn – This color is described as “a pale silvery wisp with a strong copper to rose iridescent shimmer.” I think this is pretty accurate! To me, it’s a cool gray with pink sparkles and a pinkish, copperish duochrome. I think this is my favorite in the entire collection! I will definitely be wearing this one a lot.IMG_6012IMG_6013IMG_6014

Pleasure Model – To me, this is a warm, medium pink with hot pink sparkles. The website describes it as “a vivid bright rose duochrome that flashes back to the peach base in the light.” I don’t think it’s quite that punchy as described, but this is a nice color that will look really good in a lot of looks.IMG_6016IMG_6017IMG_6018

More Human Than Human – The intensity of this color is pretty stunning. I just want to start off with that! It’s an intense copper with copper sparkles. The website says it’s “a smooth, metallic mahogany sheen with vibrant vivid gold/copper sparks that flash chartreuse in certain angles.” I wish I could see a chartreuse flash. That would be fun! But I just couldn’t get that to show. Still, a nice color.IMG_6019IMG_6020IMG_6021IMG_6022

Prodigal Son – This is described as “a smooth, glowing yellow-gold with gold and copper shimmer.” To me, this looks like a light mustard yellow satin. It’s nice, but unfortunately, this kind of color looks awful on my skin. But it’s very buttery smooth, so definitely a nice color for your collection (if yellows work for you).IMG_6024IMG_6025IMG_6026

Blush Response – To me, this looks like a medium mauve with blue and copper sparkles. This is pretty spot on with the website description, “a dusty mauve base with bright indigo and gold iridescent sparks.” I like this, but I feel like it’s similar to a few other Aromaleigh eyeshadows I have, so it’s pretty dupable, but still, I think the blue sparkles makes it more unique than the others.IMG_6027IMG_6028IMG_6029


Incept Date – This is one of my faves from the collection. It’s a red-brown with super strong blue sparkles and a silver sheen. The website says it’s a “rich metallic copper sheen with vivid teal and blue iridescent sparks,” which makes a lot of sense with what I see, although I see a silver sheen to it, but I think that’s probably from the blue sparkles. This one is incredibly sparkly and gorgeous in person.IMG_6032IMG_6033IMG_6034IMG_6035

She Won’t Live – To me, this is a dark red-brown with pink and silver sparkles.

The website says this is “a unique red, which will shift from a warm to cool depending on your application method and viewing conditions. In the sunlight, this red appears more warm, with even a coppery base. Under artificial light, it appears more cool. In our photos under a daylight bulb and applied over a cream primer, you can see it’s a cool red with a vivid fuchsia/aqua interference. Apply it on bare skin? And it’s a more coppery red with pink/aqua shimmer! Foiled or over a black base, it’s exceptionally dramatic, with strong fuchsia/aqua color shift.” I’m bad – I didn’t test it out under all of these conditions. I have a couple other reds, so maybe I’m tough to please with reds? It is nice, but I don’t think I’ll wear it much personally.IMG_6036IMG_6037IMG_6038IMG_6039

Accelerated Decreptitude – This one is another fave from this collection. It’s a bright kelly-sage green with green and gold sparkles. The website says it’s a “smoky moss green base with vivid bright green and gold iridescent sparks,” so that’s spot on with what I see. It’s definitely darker over the white base than the GG. This is so gorgeous in person.IMG_6040IMG_6041IMG_6042IMG_6043

Like Tears in Rain – This is a blue-gray with a copper duochrome. I don’t wear colors like this often, but I’m going to have to start trying because of this one. It’s just so cool! The website says it’s “a muted teal base with copious amounts of rose-copper-gold iridescent sparks,” which is exactly what I see. Inside, I thought it was gray, but then I walked outside and it’s blue! I love surprises like that. Makes colors feel so much more interesting to me.IMG_6044IMG_6045IMG_6046IMG_6047

Replicant – The website describes this color as “a deep smooth pewter grey with ntense color shifting fuchsia/aqua iridescent sparks.” To me, this is more of a dark purple with blue sparkles and a blue-gray sheen. It’s a nice color, but I didn’t find myself jumping up and down over it like I did for a couple of the other colors. But if you love purples, then this is a good one for you!IMG_6048IMG_6049IMG_6051

For me personally, this collection had a couple of unique colors, and a couple of dupable ones although to be fair, my collection has gotten so large after indie-ing for a year that maybe I’m just harder to please. Still, about half of this collection made me oooh and ahhh, so that’s a win! I am going to have to invest in some larger sizes once I go through these samples.

Aside from color, the collection applied well. I will say, I feel like Aromaleigh eyeshadows are usually more pigmented without any primer or anything underneath, so I was surprised at how sheer these ones are on bare skin. Still, they are very pretty colors. My favorites are Origami Unicorn, Accelerated Decreptitide, and Like Tears in Rain.

Have you picked up this collection? What are your favorite colors?

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