Aromaleigh Feast of Lupercal Collection Swatches and Review (pic heavy)

This is probably the most excited I’ve been for an indie eyeshadow collection yet. Not because of the theme, although it’s certainly interesting, but because of the eyeshadows themselves. All it took was one look at Juno when it was sneak peeked, and I was hooked. Luckily, I was not disappointed!

As soon as the collection launched, I had this in my cart and purchased it. No regrets.


The theme of this collection was on the Feast of the Lupercal, which was a Roman festival of fertility on February 15th, honoring Lupercus, god of fertility. I will say, Aromaleigh does an amazing job at putting together a well-thought out collection in terms of colors, but also themes. I’ll include snippets from her website on these colors, and you’ll see. The inspiration and the colors, they all fit. I love Aromaleigh’s other collections, especially the collection based on badass women from hisory!


I don’t normally call this out, but then again, I don’t often review limited edition collections. This collection is only available through March 15th, so I strongly suggest that if you are interested in it, buy the samples NOW so that you have time to buy the larger sizes of the colors you want.

Another thing to call out for availability here is that there’s the option for the deluxe mini with this collection. I picked up most of the collection in samples except for Rumia, Vestales, Februata, an Juno, knowing that I would LOVE those. I got those in deluxe minis. Now I’m wishing I had picked up full sizes. Damn.


Swatches: (all swatches are done with Darling Girl’s Glitter Glue on the left and NYX white base on the right)

Lucina –

From the website:

Lucina was the Roman goddess of light and childbirth. She was worshipped as Juno Lucina by women during Lupercalia, for this was a fertility festival which was meant to guarantee women fertility and easy childbirth.

This color is a light yellow-beige with a strong pink and gold shift to it. And I think I can trace some slight blue sparkles in it. This color will be perfect for highlighting. The website does note that this color isn’t necessarily meant to be worn as a standalone color, but instead, it’s meant to be layered over other eyeshadow to increase the sparkle power of it!

Caprotina –

From the website:

Caprotina was an aspect of Juno as a fertility goddess. She was worshipped as Juno Caprotina during Lupercalia, and was associated with goats and figs- two things which have a direct relation to the Lupercalia rites.

I knew I would like this color. I just had a feeling, when I saw the sneak peak of it. And I do. It’s a cool, dark taupe with with gold, red and green sparkles in it. Seriously, this is stunning. Holy shit. So much sparkle!

Faunus –

From the website:

Faunus was the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Pan, the horned God of the forests. He was honored as a protector of the flocks. Faunus was predated by Lupercus, the God of Shepherds, who protected their flocks from wolves.

My first thought when I swatched this one? “Mermaid eye color.” It’s a greenish blue with a green shift indoors and a stronger aqua shift outdoors. It’s also got some gold hidden in there too. This is not a sparkly shade, but a nice shimmer sheen color.

Luperci –

From the website:

The Luperci were the brothers of the wolf- an ancient order of priests which resided over the rites of the Lupercalia.

Know that phrase, “Looks can be deceiving”? Well, this is one of those. In the baggie, I thought this color looked ruddy brown and boring. I thought there might be some interesting sparkle, but my expectations weren’t super high. But holy shit. With a base, either of glitter blue or even a normal white base, this color comes alive. The base color isn’t ruddy brown like I expected. It’s copper! This color has a ton of blue and purple shimmers in it which gives an intense duochrome flash from blue to purple. WOW.

Trivia –

From the website:

Trivia was the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Hecate. She was the goddess of the crossroads, and of magic. She was associated with the purification aspect of the Lupercalia rites.

I’m just going to put this out there… I don’t like eyeshadows with black bases. I just don’t. That said, this one is nice, but I probably won’t wear it too often. Although, this will make a badass eyeliner, so that’s one thing to consider. This color has a black base with chunky pink and purple shimmers in it giving it a lovely bright pink duochrome.



Rumia –

From the website:

Rumina is a very ancient Goddess, and with her consort Rumino, was said to protect both human and animal mothers and their suckling young. They are connected with the Ficus Ruminalis, or “Suckling Fig”, the sacred fig-tree at the base of the Palatine Hill near to the River Tiber, where the abandoned infants Romulus and Remus were said to have washed ashore. Under this tree the She-wolf found them and let them nurse, saving their lives (and highlighting their divine parentage) so they could grow up to found Rome.

This color is one of my favorites. I cant even make words out of how much I love it. It’s a baby pink with an intense blue and white shift. Flash. Bam. Pow! Gorgeous. SO much sparkle.



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