A to Z of me – H

A to Z of Me – The Letter H:

Happy Thursday – My previous boss used to comment on this all the time. So, in my job, I talk to clients all the time. And sometimes when I answer the phone, my greeting to them is “Happy Tursday!” or whatever day of the week…well, except Monday. I try not too “Happy Monday” people. I’m not sure when I started saying this, but it’s sort of my thing now, after all of these years.

House – My husband owns a house outside of Atlanta. Ugh. I wish we could move closer in the city. We are trying to sell it, but not a lot of luck yet.

Heian – So, I talked about this before, but my favorite era of fashion to study was the Heian era, which was around 1000 ad in Japan. During this time the women wore garments known as juni-hitoe, which literally means 12-layers. It was layers of robes, the precursors to kimono, and the color combinations and fabric patterns told a story of who you were and what you felt. Here is a really interesting resource talking about some of the most popular color combinations. Here’s another great resource!

*Picture from Pinterest, but this was taken at the The Costume Museum in Kyoto – I know this because I’ve been there!

Next week, the letter I. Stay tuned.

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