43 Từ Giải thích bằng Tiếng Anh – Đơn N-400

(Âm thanh – Nghẹt mũi) —
Từ giải thích trong video này:
Như thế nào
Làm sao mà…

là gì?

Khi nào

Ở đâu

Cái nào

Ai là

File a tax return
send tax papers to the government

1- Fraudulent
—A lie/ False—
(to make people believe a lie so you can get something you want)

–Betting something–
(pay money to guess who will win at sports or games so that you can try to get
more money)

2- Genocide
—Mass killing—
(killing a whole group or race of people because of their religion, race, or
other reason)

3- Guerrilla group
—terrorist group–

a group of people who use weapons against or attack the military,
police or government

4- Habitual drunkard
–Often/ repeated ——
a person who regularly drinks too much alcohol (gets drunk)

5- Immigration benefit
—Immigration help—
things that can help you because you are a documented
immigrant, like being able to work and live in the United States

6- Insurgent organization
—rebellious group —
a group of people that uses weapons to fight a government

7- Jail
— lockup—
a building where police take people who are arrested for breaking the law

8-Labor camp
a jail or prison where the prisoners have to do a lot of difficult work

9- Legally incompetent
can’t make decisions for yourself because you have mental problems

10- Lie
to say things that are not true

11– Marital Status
whether you are legally married, single, divorced or widowed

12- Married
having a husband or wife

13- Mental institution
mental health hospital

14-Military unit
—-troop / Navy / Army —
a group of people that work for a government to fight in a war; they may do this work on land, in boats or in airplanes

—-Citizen soldiers—–
an army that does not work for a government

—-Wrong guidance—-
causes a person to believe something that is not true to get something that you want

to lie about who you are or something you did so that you can get
something you want

not fighting

a person who does not live in a specific place

to get something


have a debt; be required to pay

Paramilitary unit
a group of people who act like the military, but do not work for a government

agree with and tell others about an idea

taken to jail by the police

Bear arms
to own or use a gun

a person who is not in the military

to say that something is true

Country of Nationality
the country where you are now a citizen or national

an action that breaks the law

Detention facility
a jail or prison where people wait before they go to court and have a

to hurt someone badly, or unfairly, often because of religion or political beliefs

—Trial period—-
a time when a person who has broken the law gets out of prison early but is
required to regularly report to the police

sign up

a person who lives in a specific place

not married now and never married before

Self-defense unit
a group of people who work to protect a place if another group comes to fight them with weapons

to secretly and illegally bring something into or out of a state or country

husband or wife

Title of nobility
a position given by a King or Queen

badly hurt someone for punishment or to get information

something used to fight such as a gun, knife, or bomb

your marital status if your husband or wife died and you have not married

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